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Indymedia Reporter Detained in "No Mans Land" on his way to Vancouver Olympics

by Vancouver Media Co-op 2010 Olympics

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Indymedia Reporter Detained in "No Mans Land" on his way to Vancouver Olympics


VMC: Another independent journalist was turned away at the US-Canada border Tuesday on his way to Vancouver to cover protests at the 2010 Olympic Games. John Weston Osburn, a long time indymedia activist, drove 2,000 miles from Salt Lake City to cover Games with the Vancouver Media Cooperative. He was interrogated and denied entry into Canada, making him the second US journalist to be denied entry in the last four days.

After he was turned around, he went back to the US and tried to re-enter Canada, this time at the truck crossing, where he was again denied entry due to past convictions for misdemeanors. This time, he flipped on his video camera to record the experience. Stopped by homeland security, Osburn was again interrogated about the Olympic protests. When he told homeland security that he wanted to speak to a lawyer,

OSBURN: They told me I didn’t have that right, and I wasn’t in US or in Canada, I was in no mans land, as the officer described it. I asked again for my lawyer and he replied that he “owned me,” he said “I own you,” I was told to spread my legs and I was searched, then the put me in a holding cell, I was in the holding cell for about two hours, at one point I asked to use the bathroom, which they later allowed me to do but only, uh, they did so watching me.

VMC: In a disturbing pattern of recent interrogations of journalists coming to Vancouver, border guards seized Osburn’s computer and notebooks.

OSBURN: Basically they ransacked my truck, they went through and they took my journals, my sketchbooks, my computer, my digital camera, they thumbed through that, I’m assuming they made copies but that I don’t want to speculate on that, but they did definitely go through it. Then I was fingerprinted and I was photographed, when I asked if I had a choice of being fingerprinted and photographed I was told no, my tape of filming being turned away, they erased the tape.

VMC: Osburn says he was prepared to have to deal with some issues at the border, but he was surprised by his experience.

OSBURN: I was kind of expecting, I was expecting to get kind of shook down, but I wasn’s expecting the type of just, the animosity and just the humiliation. Even though it was only two hours, it was a really unsettling experience, because they made me well aware that I had no rights, they made me well aware that I had no rights and there was no one there to protect me. 

VMC: Though Osburn is the first to be interrogated by US homeland security, his experience shadows that of other independent journalists trying to enter Canada on the eve of the 2010 Olympics. Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman was interrogated about the games in November. Last Saturday, US journalist Martin Macias Jr was turned away at the border.  At least two other independent journalists were subjected to lengthy interrogations at the US-Canada border on their way to Vancouver to cover resistance to the 2010 Games.

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IOC @ the Queen E.

I just happened to be in the area of the Post Office and got word of the special IOC event that happened across the street at the Queen E Theatre this early eve.

The busses --filled with IOC peoplestarted rolling in at 5pm , and I tried to Tweet the info out but had technical difficulties.

Was surprised I did not see any protestors or alternative media covering the event--at least from the outside.




I'd be the last person to

I'd be the last person to deny that the ISU is targeting and harrassing activists and journalists. However, the 'pattern'of harrassment at the border is much broader. What doesn't get mentioned enough is that the US/Canada border is one of the hardest borders in the world to cross if you don't meet a list of requirements. Show up without enough money, without a job or mortgage waiting for you, with a criminal record and the slightest bit of anti-authoritarian attitude, and you will see a side of our civil servants that you never imagined. Being in the border zone makes beinng in city police custody seem laid-back.

So I don't doubt that the olympics had something to do with it, but if I decided to get on the ferry tomorrow, I would get turned back, and then I could pick any number of causes or things I believe in to blame it on. So yeah, I'm going to Seattle tomorrow to talk about chemtrails. If they stop me, you know that they are hidiing something re:the chemtrails....why do they hassle chemtrail activists?

I'm just playing devil's advocate. Like I said, I know they target people around the olympics, but short of what happened to Amy Goodman, it's hard to make a good case that this is why they turned him away. They turn away hundreds every day.

Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff's caught!

You think you have it ruff, check this out!


My daughter Shawna Wagar caught on video with law officer's and there secretly talking with one another after i was poisoned by them, there confessing in the parking lot they covered it up at the hospital by saying i was drunk! my daughter laughed!


There not even trying to hide the fact there poisoning me because there is no one in authority i can report this to that will arrest them.


I was a regular plasma donor and these people in authority set me up so that i cant get help at a hospital!


There trying to hide the fact there coaching Shawna Wagar as to how to frame and poison me, there caught in premeditated murder!


And there's no one to report this to.


Portland Oregon


Terry Wagar

Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff's caught!

Authority's and Shawna Wagar caught in premeditated murder on video!

Have back up - use iPhone (or equivalent)

Do not wait for them to "erase" your video.  Use iPhone or equivalent cell phone with built in camcorder whose content you can immediately email to another for posting on Indymedia.  Have a back up person recording while you are doing the distracting.  Realize that when you cross the border, this kind of stuff is going to happen.

Don't be stupid, be prepared!  Get the truth out, by all means!  Nothing annoys them more than learning, first hand, that truth, a living thing, has a life of its own and will not be denied!

Remember that these are just people doing a job.  However, as the Nuremberg trials proved, it is very difficult for people "just doing a job" to realize that what they are doing is both tyrannical and immoral.  As Gandi said, "Tyrants will arise, and they will seem invincible for awhile, but in the end, they always FALL".

Do not listen to their mass-media.  You know the truth in your heart!


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