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Olympic Legacies: Gold Medals, Gentrification, and Worsening Homelessness?

by Adam Vaughn Dominion Stories, →2010 Olympics

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Olympic Legacies: Gold Medals, Gentrification, and Worsening Homelessness?

Vancouver’s Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. Since 2003, an estimated nine billion has been spent on the Winter Games. But what spectators probably aren’t seeing is one of Canada’s poorest neighborhoods less than a mile from many of the Olympic venues. Vancouver Olympic organizers promised a socially sustainable Games that would help the poorest of their community, but critics say the housing and homelessness problems have only gotten worse. Now, residents are wondering what they will get back for their expensive investment. KBCS Senior Producer Adam Vaughn brings us the last installment of a 3-part series on the Vancouver Olympics.

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