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2010 Olympics

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Harsha Wallia about the housing right movement, social housing, the tent city, role of the allies...

2010 Olympics

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Insightful interview

I thought Wallia had some good critiques of the lobbying-oriented housing movement. I do think it's possible to both demand more from the state while still taking direct action like this tent village is doing and claiming space for people to live and run themselves.

At a certin point, a movement has to stop hoping for solutions to come from governments and has to start trying to put our ideals and theory into practice on the ground.

Kudos on having the tent village run directly by and for the people affected in the DTES, that's a difficult but transformative experiance that I think cuts to the core of what good community organizing is all about.

tent city

 This is the best example I have seen anywhere of community based groups taking considered direct action which people like Harsha and others have carefully managed to obtain the best press coverage and publicity for the disenfranchised homeless who every corporation and government will ignore until forced to take action.

Congratulations and lessons learnt for all. Good luck with the continued campaign.

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