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This post has not been reviewed by the Vancouver Media Co-op editorial committee., It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)...

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with sound from AW@L radio and Indy Tv (Indymedia Rochester)

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Hey VanRad

Are you obsessed with Submedia?

What is the sense of your

What is the sense of your question Dawn ?

just curious

just curious


it doesn't matter, you can post what you want. it just seemed like a lot of posts about the stimulator, and I didn't really understand why. sorry if i offended anyone.

Why this obsession about submedia ?

I think the obsession came from the fact that submedia is a moment of history. I think end:civ in on some ways the realization of old dreams of movie directors such as Eisenstein who was wanted to realize a movie from Das Kapital. End:Civ as a kind of adaptation of Endgame from Derrick Jensen and not only push forward the dream of producing and explaining thesis about the global world order and escaping the ridiculous and useless conspiracy theories and also filming the ways to oppose this world of massive destruction and not only contemplating.  This is a dialectic movie if we want to use this old philosophical term.  The project inspired by Derrick Jensen, but also bunch of others and rooting in solidarity with the radical indigenous history, also go further than the old leftists theories defending industrialism, mass production, mostly ecocide (as on some ways the left version of ecocide) adding only self-management or state socialism. This video attack bunch of old ideas and practices from the Left and the Left himself as products of an history based on exploitation, on a lot of ways on capitalist and colonial foundations.  And all of this in a video that can be followed well by bunch of people escaping the old theoricism, as the obscure-for-elite-only style of theory on theory, showing with powerful images, sounds and interviews, a full whole analysis and video about the world as it is and how we can fight it. It's a revolutionnary theory without so much of intellectualism understandable by people outside of any kind of elite. Yep, I am obsessed because that's fucking great.  I am a very critical person so I have confidence on this point of view. I am not surprise or admirative of so much things. Most of what this world is producing makes me sick. So when I can deeply appreciate something, I can be very passionate, deeply affected, so obsessed. Yep ! 


I also enjoy a lot the news show because this is a production of this great inspiration. 

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