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Glen Coulthard at "Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement"

by Glen Coulthard Dominion Stories

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Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement - November 25, 2011

A free public forum on the global Occupy Together movement and tackling issues of systemic inequality, environmental destruction, and government and corporate power.

Here, we hear Glen Coulthard speak. Glen (Yellowknives Dene) is an assistant professor in the UBC First Nations Studies Program and the UBC Department of Political Science. His most recent work won the Contemporary Political Theory Annual Award for Best Article of the Year in 2007.

“The entire infrastructure of capitalism – especially in settler-colonial contexts like Canada – rests on that prior ongoing dispossession of indigenous peoples from their lands. I think you're going to see a hell of a lot more roadblocks going up – like you saw in the 80s – and indigenous communities are going to need support for that direct action.”
- Glen Coulthard at Who are the 99%

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