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Oct. 18, 2011 Hon. Premier Christy Clark responds to Occupy Nanaimo

by CHLY 101.7 fm Nanaimo Stein Johnson Cooperatives, →Media Co-op Updates, →Victoria

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CHLY 101.7fm Nanaimo asks Premier Christy Clark to respond to Occupy Nanaimo OCT. 18, 2011
CHLY 101.7fm Nanaimo asks Premier Christy Clark to respond to Occupy Nanaimo OCT. 18, 2011

Nanaimo, October 18, 2011: The Honourable BC Premier Christy Clark responds to a question put to her by CHLY's Stein Johnson, with regard to the Occupy Nanaimo demonstration (the local incarnation of the Occupy Wall Street movement), which was occurring outside the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, where she was speaking about the "BC Jobs Plan" in response to a $200 million-dollar initiative announced by Western Forest Products to create $75,000-140,000 per-year jobs within the local lumber industry to help serve exports to Asian markets for BC wood. Says Clark, "because ultimately, when people are working, and they're working at decent, family-supporting wages, that's the beginning of social equity."

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Premier Clark Occupy comment

Apologies for the delay in posting this clip of our esteemed Premier to the co-op.  I don't know why I didn't think of it until tonight.


I wondered when Christy Clark,  the lil flip flopper herself would finally raise her little pin head ?

Must be back from that nice cushy trip to China where you sold us down the river to the Communist Chinese,  eh Christy...

Well you are back and here's another photo op for you.... so here you go eh  Fluffy !

TROUBLE IS  with all your tough talk Christy (like you did on the Stanley Cup rioters which is costing us a small fortune to get it all thru the court system right now)
 if you rush in to evict them right away then you will have Flash Occupations shutting down mass transit, bridges and Sky train just like happened in New York and other US cities last week.

Sheeeeesh  Christy you are back for one day and already working toward another brilliant  set of mistakes.

Can't you just stay in China Christy ....where they like you ???

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