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Ilan Pappé: The False Paradigm of Peace

Revisiting the Palestine Question, Part 2 – Q&A

by Andre Guimond

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Ilan Pappé
Ilan Pappé

In this discussion, Ilan Pappé, noted Israeli historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, challenges the prominent—and as he argues, false—“peace paradigm” of a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine. He claims that a two-state solution is based on the false assumption that the conflict is between “two national movements,” and that supporting two states allows the Israeli military occupation of Palestine to extend and continue. Pappé traces the emergence of a two-state strategy back to Israeli cabinet meetings in 1965 where plans were laid to occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip two years before the 1967 war. For a truly just resolution, he advocates one state with equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

Part one, the main lecture, is available here.

Audio recorded and provided by Jase Tanner of Kick-Lite Films. Presented by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and Building Bridges Vancouver.

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