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Learning from SFU teaching assistant fights and bargaining

SFU's history of radicalism and student movement

by Caelie Frampton

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Learning from SFU teaching assistant fights and bargaining


Caelie Frampton is a former coordinator with the Teaching Support Staff Union. She reflects on how the TSSU has won its contracts and offers lessons in autonomous and horizontal union organizing within the student movement context.
The following was part of the panel "Looking Back, Moving Forward: The History of Activism at SFU", recorded at SFU in early November.
It was originally produced for the show "SFU Ideas and Issues" on CJSF 90.1 FM, at The show airs weekly from noon to 1pm, PST. This was recorded and produced by Bea Bernhausen and Peter Driftmier.

What role do students and workers play in shaping University Life?

SFU maintains a reputation for having a socially conscious faculty and student body because of student and worker movements in the university since 1964. Past campus leaders will help highlight these efforts to improve university life by sharing their experiences of university-based activism.

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Unsure of this add

To me this seems like advertising than actual reality of today.

I believe many academics are simply towing the line of "the system".

Certainly SFU, as a whole, is no different. Matter of factly, it has become much worse in recent years.

oh yah? i don't understand

oh yah? i don't understand what you think the speaker is advertising... her union?

towing the line of the system by fighting for better wages and labour rights? 

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