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A Moment From the Revolts in Tunisia and Egypt

Dave Cunningham speaks of his visit to the two regions during the riots

by Vancouver Media Co-op

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A Moment From the Revolts in Tunisia and Egypt

Just returned from North Africa, David Cunningham spoke at Spartacus Books about prisons, riots and police repression in Egypt and Tunisia.

From the re-occupation of Tahrir square in Cairo- to a street vendors riot in Tunis; traveling between open assembly’s and communes, empty prisons and torched copshops; speaking to a multitude of rebels along way.

Part of the talk included Dave's interview with an actor who was on strike during the time. The interview is not part of this audio, but will be linked as a transcript soon. Also look out for blogs and photos by Dave about the situation in North Africa very soon.

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Link to Chronolgy of Intifada's

here be a link to a chronology of the Intifada in Tunisia & Egypt:

{{a larger zine will soon be pasted upon same blog}}

Master of the rant

Good stuff Dave, thanks for posting.

Amazing how many folks have got it in to their heads that these were largely "peaceful" revolutions. People who bought the western media narrative I mean.

Seriously, I keep arguing with these hippies that insist Tunisia and Egypt are proof positive of the whole gandhian argument. They're somehow able to ignore all the footage, all the testimonials, all evidence to the contrary.

100+ police stations burned in a "largely peaceful revolution" ... yeah, right.

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