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Prohibition: A Bad Trip that's lasted a Century

Speakers explore alternatives to the criminalization of drugs

by Vancouver Media Co-op

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"Control Social" by Santiago Armengold,
"Control Social" by Santiago Armengold,

On March 28th, a panel presented by Streams of Justice brought the myths of prohibition and the war on drugs crashing down around them.

Thoughtful, controversial, and sometimes heartbreaking, the three panelists talked about the failed strategies used by states to criminalize us for what we put into our bodies, and how the drug war contributes to overflowing prisons, strong mafias, and an abundant supply of unregulated drugs.

Click here to listen to UVIC professor Susan Boyd's talk about the history of prohibition and Canada's regressive drug laws. How we went from smearing opium on baby's gums to believing that ganja people mad in a few decades.

Click here to listen to VANDU member Bud Olsen read poems about prohibition that enrage and inspire. Warning: these poems are powerful and may be triggering for people who have experienced police or sexual violence.

Click here to listen to Vancouver Coastal Health's Mark Haden expound on what could happen if drugs were legalized, all with the dry delivery of a stand up comedian. Agree or disagree, the man knows his drug policy options.

Image by Santiago Armongold, Just Seeds.

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Is it just me or does this

Is it just me or does this cut out 7 and half mins in???


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