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Remembering the fired SFU professors

SFU's history of radicalism and student movement

by Mordecai Briemberg

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Remembering the fired SFU professors


Mordecai Briemberg was one of the former SFU professors dismissed for their involvement in the radical transformation of their department during the early years of SFU.
The following was part of the panel "Looking Back, Moving Forward: The History of Activism at SFU", recorded at SFU in early November.
It was originally produced for the show "SFU Ideas and Issues" on CJSF 90.1 FM, at The show airs weekly from noon to 1pm, PST. This was recorded and produced by Bea Bernhausen and Peter Driftmier.

What role do students and workers play in shaping University Life?

SFU maintains a reputation for having a socially conscious faculty and student body because of student and worker movements in the university since 1964. Past campus leaders will help highlight these efforts to improve university life by sharing their experiences of university-based activism.

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Thanks for posting this!!

This was really interesting. More students at SFU should find out about this history.

ya, my dad and I were just

ya, my dad and I were just talking about the purges he saw during the '70s at SFU. That shit was real and prevalent, and can happen again. Getting our own capacity, and having our people throughout the insitutions is the way forward, always on the offense. Flying the anti-market flag, with all contempt and/or disgust and/or laghter for the ignorant who actually defend and rationalize markets - clearly the worst experiment in humanity's history. Especially in insitutions or 'higher learning', such profound intellectual incompetence as someone who spends their life trying to rationalize market-capitalism, should be laughed out of their jobs. Fuck this cowering BS, put the intellectually incompetent and/or immoral who are willing to see a billion starve because of the structural scarcity of markets (and corruption and etc., etc) out of a job they clearly aren't intellectually competent for! Intolerance of intolerance (i.e., plutocracy, even Hayek admitted markets tend towards monopoly) or we get fascism.


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