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Vancouver Report Back from the G-20 in Toronto

Inspiring stories from G-20 resistance and continuing mobilizations from Toronto to Vancouver

by Gary Jarvis

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Photo by Tami Starlight
Photo by Tami Starlight
Photo by Tami Starlight
Photo by Tami Starlight

Text and audio by Gary Jarvis, from his blog Radio is Radio.

The recording above is the voice of Vancouver organizer Harjap Grewal, who spoke at the at G20 report back event at Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver 9 July 2010. (Unfortunately the clip starts part way in to his talk, but the bulk of it is still there. For part II of Harjap's talk, click here.

Click here to listen a talk by Maryam Adrangi, a member of Toronto Community Mobilization Network. She discusses the efforts of TCMN to host the G20 mobilizations and the growing strength of Toronto social movements post-G20. Click here to listen to part II of Maryam's talk.





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Beautiful .........

Beautiful seems to just be a word to express community unity and emotions regarding this event.

Harmony and community power.

Inspiring and fantastic!

Thank you Dawn.....and Gary.
Namaste/All my relations
Tami Starlight - VMC/DNC

Additions to Harjap's report

A couple of things not mentioned in Harjap's report from Toronto (unless he mentioned the following in the unrecorded portion):  The police sweep across Queen's Park happened immediately after Black Blockers discarded their black robes and melted into the crowd of "privileged middle-class organized labour white people" congregated at the only designated “free speech zone,” just as one of the police cars abandoned by the police several hours earlier at Queen and Spadina were torched---under "observing" eyes of at least three non-descript white guys quietly standing together with ear-pieces in their ears, if you know what I mean ;-).   Perhaps Harjap was too modest to tout the fact that Black Block tactics can take the bulk of credit for causing the shut-down of the only designated free speech zone.  He also didn't mention how many people--both participants in the march and Torontonians in general--were asking, “How many of those Black Bloc people were provocateurs?”  I suppose Black Blockers never ask this question among themselves.  However many there were, they sure did a "good job."  I bet they're saying, "With enemies like Black Bloc, who needs friends?"  We'll see if the so-called "inquiries" that happen in the aftermath will address questions concerning the use of tax-funded provocateur agents to justify the $1 bil bill.

I agree that de-blocking in a

I agree that de-blocking in a crowd of peaceful demonstrators (especially when it is not moving around) is not a good idea, however, from what I understand of the situation it was a couple affinity groups that did this, not the whole bloc of militants. 

Please consider that the police are capable of deciding how they deal with people. They were not coerced in to attacking those demonstrators. It was a choice they made. 

There are always undercovers in demonstrations - black bloc or not. In Montebello this was clear, and it was black bloc folks who outed these police to the public. This is often how it plays out - the undercovers are 'dealt with' by militants. Usually police go undercover in order to do snatch squads and make key arrests of targeted individuals. 

The police detest the black bloc and they go out of their way to nab them and are delighted when they can beat them up behind police lines and lay insane charges on them.




Holy cow...

I want some of what this guy is smoking. That is a seriously wacked out version of the June 26 split off march.

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