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How to read really boring corporate financial documents

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Booooring... but useful!
Booooring... but useful!

If you happened to miss tonight's VMC workshop on corporate research and understanding corporate financial statements, you're in luck - there was a handout! And it's reposted below!

This is a super brief overview of how to read a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, the 3 key filings for any corporation, skipping all (er, most...) of the mundane stuff and  focusing just on what's relevant to those interested in the horrible machinations of the inner workings of the corporate world.

Hope it helps, and please feel free to post any questions below and I'll do my best to answer them.

Basic Corporate Financials (PDF)

Example Balance Sheet, Income Statement & CFS (PDF)

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Where was this event posted?

Where was this event posted? I didn't see it on the VMC event listing - am I blind?

VMC meeting

Hey Zander -

it was held as a bit of a trial run during the regular VMC meeting (630 pm, Wednesdays at Spartacus Books on Hastings). We'll do a repeat in the new year... You can also join our mailing list if you're not on it already...

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