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Olympics Over, Resistance Continues...

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Aftermath of RBC firebombing (video in link below). (Photo credit: Mike Carroccetto/Canwest)
Aftermath of RBC firebombing (video in link below). (Photo credit: Mike Carroccetto/Canwest)

2010 Olympics

On the early morning of May 18, an RBC branch was firebombed at the corner of First Avenue and Bank Street in Ottawa. Police have claimed the blast has caused $300,000 damage and have launched an investigation.

FFFC – Ottawa has claimed responsibility as posted on the Ottawa Independent Media Centre along with a video and message, citing that the Royal Bank was a major Olympic sponsor contributing to the theft of indigenous land, increasing homelessness, and environmental destruction. It also acknowledges that RBC is the major financier of the Tar Sands in Alberta, perhaps the most destructive project in human history.

The group appears determined to continue the resistance with the message that, “The Vancouver Olympic games are over, but a torch is still burning. We pass the torch to all those who would resist the trampling of native rights, of the rights of us all, and resist the ongoing destruction of our planet.”

This is only the latest in a long series of attacks across the country in the years leading up to and surrounding the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. This is not the first time that RBC and other Olympic sponsors have been targeted.

However, one caveat for thought: although the numerous news stories about this incident are littered with vindictive, jingoistic comments about misguided rich kid anarchist terrorists, they seem to stem in part from the claim that those responsible escaped in a SUV. This has led a couple commentators to conjecture that this was possibly a provocative act to justify the large deployment of police/military resources and security crackdown at the G8/G20 summits in Huntsville/Toronto in late June. The FFFC message does indicate that they will be there. Anyways, I’m not saying this, that, or the other; just throwing it out there for thoughts and comments.

Already this morning, at least one community organizer in Toronto has been visited by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The People's Commission Network has released a community advisory to educate the public on how to deal with CSIS harassment.

Ottawa Independent Media Centre link (also contains video)

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 I think it's a set up.  There's something about the web-site with the communique, the wording, and even the comments that seems kind of...manufactured.


In early January a Bill was proposed to grant Military vehicles a "Sticker" to allow them to travel in populated areas. It is no coinsidence that this "act" coinsides with the G8/G20 ..

learn from the past

This kind of action is not going to work in 2010.  It was the way to go in the 60's and 70's, but now looks  not only silly, but  stupid.  If young people do not want to learn what radicals figured out before, well go for it.  You only hurt yourselves and then become martyrs whom no one will mourn except close friends. I also am not sure that First Nations people approve of this as they have generations of resistance and will eventually win because they are in the right.  So if this is young white men, you had better start educating yourself and if there are women involved who are in love with radical men, you should read Robin Morgan's Demon Lover.   Not going to work people, the patricarchy is on to you and know how to turn the media against you.

in love with a radical woman

one thing I've found remarquable these last six months, is how many times I've seen the women in a circle, crowd, street manifestation, be the leaders; whether in organizing, acting, reacting, in violent and non violent ways.  During the olympics, on the 13th, I believe it was a woman who was first taken down(brutaly), and majoritarily women who were arrested during the mornings events.

I find this to be worth recognizing, and appreciate the motivation.  I believe that some times, it's not for me to question the why's or how's.  I think it is important to acknowledge that different peoples motivations and reasoning, come from places that are justified and personal.

I think that there are many groups that have just cause to attack the current state of affairs.




 Has anyone, or anyone involved in the olympic resistance network even heard of the FFFC?  Why now?  Why not connected to other actions?  Why would they drive an SUV if they were concerned about the environment?  How could they even afford or have access to an SUV?  

Why do all the comments on the indy website read like they're written by the same couple people pretending to be a bunch of different people?

It's a gut feeling, but the whole thing seems weird.

false flag

FFFC do not exist. Claiming responsibility is not the same as TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. You can't do that anonymously. Standing up for what you believe in means being held accountable. If this is not a false-flag operation, why don't these guys turn themselves in? Every media outlet in the country would want to talk to them. Phantom menace. Gives the police/security everything they want.

Fire Bombing

You worry me - don't you who did the bombing or fire blast whatever it is - that no man has the right to endager the safety of others - don't do it it again

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