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Fuck "Unity", we need SOLIDARITY

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modern capitalism pyramid, no attribution available
modern capitalism pyramid, no attribution available


The international "Occupy"/decolonization movement has prompted many and diverse responses to its tactics and structures. On already-occupied unceded traditional Coast Salish Territories, many of us have felt that the replication of dominant modes within "Occupy Vancouver" limits its potential.

This zine is Down Tools Collective's first response to the people of Occupy Vancouver regarding the hegemonic narrative embodied by the existence of "facilitators" or "official/unofficial" designations by the media committee. We see these tactics as working only to further push a perspective of privilege, as well as to claim to speak for others -- "the 99%" -- by painting all as a homogenous group.

We all speak for ourselves, together. Fuck Unity, we need SOLIDARITY.

See link here:, or click here to download the PDF.

Much love & solidarity, 

- Down Tools Collective

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Thumbs up.

Thumbs up.

Solidarity forever! Very

Solidarity forever! Very important point. Hope this is making it's way around occupy vancouver.

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