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Climate messaging - No longer an 'environmental' issue

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My latest effort to frame climate as an immediate social and economic crisis, rather than a problem for polar bears (cute furry animal environmentalism).


Climate change is no longer an "environmental" issue in B.C.

by Eric Doherty on May 8, 2013

Something subtle but important has shifted in the climate of B.C politics.

Early in the April 29 televised leaders' debate, B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix addressed climate change, not as an environmental issue for the consideration of future generations, but as a present-day economic and social issue.

Dix talked about how people in interior communities are already losing jobs because of trees killed by the pine beetle, which is directly linked to rising temperatures. The fact that the fossil fuel industry is already devastating the interior forestry sector is starting to sink in.

In Vancouver, where I live, it is possible to think of rising carbon levels in the atmosphere as a future environmental issue, but in rural B.C., it is a different story.

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Climate change is obvisously

Climate change is obvisously an environmental issue.How can one say that its not an environmental issue. Furniture

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