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TransLink to Push Freeways on Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

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TransLink to Push Freeways on Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Written by Eric Doherty

Recently I went to the first TransLink open house on their proposal to spend $150 to $175 million dollars on a freeway overpass in New Westminster. The intention is that this overpass will become part of the North Fraser Perimeter Road (NFPR) freeway through New Westminster, which is part of the Gateway freeway megaproject.

The C3 bus to the open house was eleven minutes late, which is apparently typical for this route. I was told by one C3 rider that it is impossible for the drivers to keep on schedule and they even have to skip parts of the route to save time.

This example of poor transit service is one of the results of TransLink not having a clear mandate to increase transit ridership, and reduce automobile dependency. Instead, when TransLink was created by the NDP provincial government in 1998 it was given the mandate to balance roads and transit investments, not a clear directive to put transit first.[snip]

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