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Time to step up and help Occupy Vancouver

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Dedicated Logistics Volunteers at Occupy Vancouver
Dedicated Logistics Volunteers at Occupy Vancouver
I have been volunteering on the Occupy Vancouver logistics committee for the last five weeks, starting a week before the occupation. Things are challenging, but amazingly we have made it for four weeks and things are still going strong. We are getting new people coming in the support us, but not enough to prevent exhaustion and burn out from really holding us back.
We need your help, particularly on the logistics side of things. It is now wet and cold, so people who can do the practical day to day work are desperately needed. So is hot, pre-cooked food.
Please take at least a few hours in the next week to come down and provide some practical assistance. (We have lots of arm chair philisophers and critics, and don't particularly need more at the moment.) Bring an open mind and respect for our basis of unity, and alternately frustrating and inspiring general assembly etc.
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Music: Songs of Protests and Songs of love

Trying to breath new life into the movement, me and my band "Bishop". The personal have been Andrew Butler, Larry Volen, Olaf De shield and Shellagh Moore. The Cd is called Occupy and the songs are : Resist, Never Leave Me Alone, Death Technologies , Indian Nation and Missing. I'm sure it will go over well. I dropped off two cd's at the gallery  but I don't know if you will receive it . I can download the cd if you give me your web site.



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