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All Survivors Deserve Support: Activists Intervene at Rape Relief Walkathon

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All Survivors Deserve Support: Activists Intervene at Rape Relief Walkathon
Handing out pamphlets
Handing out pamphlets
Handing out pamphlets
Handing out pamphlets
Rape Relief organizers demand pamphlets, threaten to call police
Rape Relief organizers demand pamphlets, threaten to call police
Park Ranger gives 'warning' warning
Park Ranger gives 'warning' warning
All Survivors Deserve Support: Activists Intervene at Rape Relief Walkathon
All Survivors Deserve Support: Activists Intervene at Rape Relief Walkathon
All Survivors Deserve Support: Activists Intervene at Rape Relief Walkathon
Rape Relief organizers remove chalk slogans from Seawall
Rape Relief organizers remove chalk slogans from Seawall

This blog post was written by The Homomilitia.

VANCOUVER - A small group of activists gathered at Second Beach in Stanley park Sunday to provide participants in Rape Relief's Annual Walkathon with some alternative information highlighting the organization's ongoing and outspoken exclusionary stance on trans women, sex workers, and substance use.

We had decided on maintaining a relatively low key presence at the event, recognizing that the space created there may be important to some survivors of sexualized violence and that having a more aggressive demonstration would be inappropriate as it could be triggering or potentially invalidate their experiences.

We distributed pamphlets (click here to download our pamphlet) to walkathon participants and decorated the pavement with positive messages in support of trans women's rights, sex workers' rights, harm reduction, and access to support for all survivors of sexualized violence.  Shortly into our intervention, we were approached by three disgruntled representatives from Rape Relief, who proceeded to use scare tactics in an attempt to intimidate and silence us.  They told us that we had to leave, asked for our names, photographed us, said they were going to turn the photographs in to park security, and demanded we hand over our pamphlets.  When we calmly refused, they said they were going to call the park rangers and the police. 

When they returned after having allegedly called the police, they asked us to “put politics aside” and use the time before the police arrived as an “opportunity” to either dialogue or leave.  When we again refused, they demanded to know if we were affiliated with a group and why we were “interfering” with their event.  They also claimed that they “already provide this information to women accessing [their] services” and that they don't “disrupt” “our events”. 

Although the police didn't show up, two park rangers approached us along with the Rape Relief representatives and told us that it is against a bylaw to distribute pamphlets in the park without a permit, that we couldn't “advertise” in the park, and that we couldn’t have signs (which we didn't).  They said that we could stay in the park and talk to people if we stopped handing out pamphlets. 

Although the park rangers asked for a copy of our pamphlet and wanted to know if we were “with a group”, they insisted that they were not targeting the content of the pamphlet or our presence there.  After the park rangers and Rape Relief representatives left us alone, we regrouped and moved on to the area of the sea wall that participants would reach at the end of the walk.  We covered about 50 feet worth of pavement with positive messages (including “end transphobia,” “end violence against all women”, “transphobia is violence against women”, “<3 harm reduction”, and “<3 sex workers' rights”), receiving positive feedback from a few passersby.

Our chalk-work was interrupted when two Rape Relief representatives aggressively confronted us, telling us again that we had to leave.  This time, one representative actually grabbed all of our remaining pamphlets and refused to return them.  We took hold of half the stack she had in her hands, at which point she reluctantly let go.  She insisted that we “obviously don't understand her organization” because she is a volunteer who has worked with both sex workers and trans women – as if claiming to work with a community automatically makes Rape Relief an ally that provides support that is appropriate and non-judgemental.

Moments later, we noticed Rape Relief representatives carrying buckets of water, which they were using to wash away our messages, including messages which simply read, “end violence against all women” and “support services for all women.”  We noticed that they seemed to take extra care to erase all remaining traces of messages that read, “ask Rape Relief about their trans policy,” “transmisogyny is violence” and “end transphobia.”

At this point, the park rangers returned to inform us that they “obviously weren't clear enough” regarding their bylaws.  They handed us a copy of these bylaws, with the section stating that we couldn't affix, paint, advertise, or distribute information highlighted.   They informed us that our messages were “defacing park property” and were in breach of the “no advertising” bylaw. 

When we challenged them on this, stating that children often draw on sidewalks and that the rain will eventually wash the chalk away, the park rangers argued that “children's messages aren't political,” thereby contradicting their earlier insistence that we weren't being targeted for the content of our messages.  They told us that we could either leave the park, or provide identification and be issued a warning ticket.

We were fairly shaken by Rape Relief's aggressive, and intimidating response and particularly upset over their choice to efface our messages in such a hostile  manner.  Although we weren't necessarily shocked, we were disappointed that the organization chose to remove messages of ending violence against all women – messages that we would hope, and perhaps even assume, that any rape crisis centre would support. 

Unfortunately, we recognize that we aren't alone in our experience attempting to confront Rape Relief's violent policies.  Their actions conform to their now predictable pattern of dismissing and silencing criticism of their organizational policies and culture.  We are committed to challenging how Rape Relief contributes to rape culture through their practices and will continue to support the growth of community responses to violence that support all survivors.

Having attended this event for the first time, we can already think of many ways to improve next year's strategy.  For anyone interested in sharing this information and strategizing, please contact

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Yes, yes, of course

Yes, yes, of course everything is provided there O.o
If you honestly think that everything they believe and are about and have said is posted on their site, I have some charming swampland I'd very much like to sell you.

Brave inspiration!! (moving from the oppressive dogmatic past)

Miigwetch for all who helped organize such an amazing show of solidarity, You are brave and inspiring!

I have a saying "one can be angry at criticism, deny it, or accept it as a gift to grow".

For Meaghan and all your oppressive denying dogmatic friends. Time to do something different no? A semi mutual community member forwarded me your rants of support for the oppressive dogmatic organization known as Vancouver Rape Relief - VRR on facebook. Pretty much the same shit that is happening here on this story page's comment section. I surely hope someday soon you will actually make some changes - like the ones some of the more enlightened community members have posted here............

I feel it is truly unfortunate that we, as a community need to be divided? Surely this is a result of unchecked/unquestioned privilege (one of many) and oppressive dogma that began at the very foundation of Vancouver Rape Relief. This would be centered at the founding members of VRR and making it's way out to the general membership. VRR shrowds itself in so called "progressiveness" in many ways as it (the core paid staff / founding members) attempts to look a certain way, when in fact - it is not. (I have a saying "one can change the icing on a shit cake - it is still a shit cake no matter how one slices it")

There is no shortage of people who really are well meaning and mainstream. The road to hell is paved with good intentions by well meaning mainstream people.

RIGHT FUCKING ON! to the organizers. Such great odd's when most of the community either doesn't give a shit, is far too mainstream privileged for their own & the communities good and denies any critique of themelves.

Maybe I am a little harsh? fucking what. Really sad when this crap has been happening for 20 plus years and coming out very publically with the blatant state sanctioned discrimination against Kimberly Nixon. (yea - thousands of $ and years of fighting in court to prove they are as oppressive and dogmatic as many progressive enlightened community members sure they were)

Time to get with the times Vancouver Rape Relief!!!

Props to the organizers, Mr Flux for the photos and all progressive community peoples who give a shit to challenge oppressive dogma. (this is not Alberta! - lol)

*You have my attention and I will send you a letter offering some support. (I was out of town when the event took place)

All our relations

Tami Starlight (Ojibwe elder - Peguis Nation) DNC Co-president

ps.....hey  all you VRR peeps....chew on that constitution:




Stick to your illusion of 'facts'. You are only dividing everyone further by resorting to such childish and futile means. I.E. name calling. As far as I've seen, the only people who have been disrespectful and immature in this discussion have been those attempting to tarnish the reputation and fight the efforts of VRRWS.
Don't lose sight of the real oppressive forces we are fighting against. Stop wasting your energy fighting those on the same side. If you can't see that then you have some reflecting and more research (or in this case, real research) to do.

My "rants of support for the

My "rants of support for the oppressive dogmatic organization known as Vancouver Rape Relief"? Or just my supportive comments. What counts as a "rant", Tami? And what counts as an ad hominem attack? Supporting Rape Relief doesn't immediately equate to oppression. Attacking me specifically for my efforts to support this organization is low. You say it's unfortunate that the community is divided and you are right - but I don't see an effort to change that or even a desire to in these kinds of comments. Harsh? Perhaps. Disrespectful and unnecessarily personal? Certainly. 

Oh good. We're doing

Oh good. We're doing name-calling now. Way to lower the bar, Tami. And discourage divisiveness in the community. Keep up the great work. 

And really? You're attacking

And really? You're attacking journalists based on the people they interview? Good luck with that. You've got a lifetime of name-calling ahead of you, Tami. Better get busy. 

Ahhhh ... well ...

It's got away from us now ... When we get to this point, which we always do, I can't help wondering what it is that would make the conversation possible. But when I think that, I'm always told I'm naive. So I'm going to have to leave you to it because I have nothing further to add. Except that Meghan Murphy is the least oppressive woman I know, however much you might disagree with her.

Ahhhh ... well ...

It's got away from us now ... When we get to this point, which we always do, I can't help wondering what it is that would make the conversation possible. But when I think that, I'm always told I'm naive. So I'm going to have to leave you to it because I have nothing further to add. Except that Meghan Murphy is the least oppressive woman I know, however much you might disagree with her.


The threat to Meghan Murphy has now been repeated to me, on my Facebook page. This is frightening. I'm sure that many of the women here are survivors of male violence. A threat of targeting is not something I can take lightly. Of course, this only comes from one person but I'm afraid I've seen these particular discussions turn this way too many times. If people are trying to stifle opinion and debate you don't have to look too far to see that it doesn't work for anyone. I no longer no what to do about all this but it certainly won't make me stop thinking, writing and speaking. It also won't stop me supporting rights for trans people. I hear that some people have found the words spoken here triggering but there's nothing quite like a threat to trigger ya.


It seems like one of the

It seems like one of the points of this action was to provide space for debate, Elizabeth P, and it was obviously quite successful.

Your defense of this transphobic, abolitionist, user-stigmatizing, and therefore rape culture-perpetuating organization has been extremely triggering for me, and for many people I care deeply about. Most of them are survivors, and most of them would never be able to access rape relief services. Nothing quite like structural exclusion to trigger ya.

You can't be an ally to a group of people who are perpetually calling you out on your behaviour. It just doesn't work like that. Trans people are calling you out on your transphobia; time to stop calling yourself a trans ally.

No, Nat. Like actual threats.

No, Nat. Like actual threats. Posted on Facebook. Not just words or arguments that trigger you. Actual, bullying, intimidating, frightening threats. Not ok. Not ever. NO matter what. 

I agree that threats are

I agree that threats are never ok. What you're describing as a threat has also happened to people trying to engage with rape relief. I say this not to take away from your current experience, but because I agree that threats are never ok.

You may not accept this, but

You may not accept this, but as to the threats made against you and anyone else, that is absolutely not OK, and I can guarantee it is not supported by anyone who helped organize or follow through on the action on Sunday.

I think this is as good a

I think this is as good a time as any to point out that 1-2 percent of the people who undergo sexual reassignment surgery/hormone therapy regret it. To put this in perspective about 42 percent of people who undergo knee surgery regret it. The majority of the people who regret transitioning are MTF individuals who experience great difficulty "passing" and find being easily identified as a transsexual too high a price to pay given the state of intolerance around us. The reality is that the majority of trans people never want to be discovered as "trans", don't identify themselves as being part of a movement and are just quietly living out their lives. The majority of the public don't know much about trans people and so I'm sure you can appreciate that us family and friends of trans individuals want this information to be positive and accepting. We already know the harsh realities because we see our loved ones going through it daily. It is not a choice. I'm not sure what butch lesbians or gay men are in danger of falling off a cliff into transsexualism. Transition is a last resort for medical professionals. Some people are intersexed and they are healthy and fine with that. If you don't want to transition than don't. Chances are no one wants you to or is asking you to either. If you are confused about your gender, please don't take it out on people who are not.

A women's organization that helps thousands of women and organizes with hundred of women each year is proof that VRRWS has great influence and power. The work Rape Relief does is so vital to the community, and I believe there are too few organizations willing to extend themselves the way Rape Relief does. However, to act like the women and the agency have no power is to deny responsibility.  

I have stood by listening to VRRWS women talk and joke about trans women; how they are frauds and pathetic imposters and so on, and I said nothing, which I deeply regret. It's so sad when young, impressionable women eagerly take on these attitudes looking for approval from the older and more established feminists.

I keep hearing that trans women act "entitled" but from my experience the most entitled are these so-called great feminists who walk around like they are kings, undermining women of colour and less educated women, bullying and shaming people to do exactly what they want them to do. Our feminist herstory is filled with women excluding whoever they wanted for whatever reason they decided. I'm sure all the women who have shared are aware we have many struggles in our lives and more are going on around the world, but that doesn't mean this is a non-issue.

Trans women are not men. I know some trans women frankly look a bit different and stand out sometimes, but remember that this difference doesn't give anyone the right to treat them as lesser than. Trans women make up a small percentage of our population, so to say they should get their own services is kind of sad and doesn't make sense. Trans women have a unique experience of womanhood, and an often intimate understanding of the brutality of patriarchy. To those who are afraid and suspicious, you really have nothing to fear.

Tami said something about money that I think is important. When I think about how much was likely spent on the case with Kimberly Nixon, to keep her out and all kinds like her out, it makes me want to hang my head in shame.

"I have stood by listening to

"I have stood by listening to VRRWS women talk and joke about trans women; how they are frauds and pathetic imposters and so on, and I said nothing, which I deeply regret. It's so sad when young, impressionable women eagerly take on these attitudes looking for approval from the older and more established feminists."
These women absolutely do not represent the VRRWS that I know. I doubt it even happened but if it did, they definitely are not a part of the organization any longer.
The money spent on the Nixon case was well-spent in order to protect the few comfortable and safe spaces that are there for women. Women-only space is something to fight for just as is queer-only, trans-only or whatever other marginalized and oppressed group-only space. Why not put in an effort and focus energy to create a space and service that tailors to the trans community. Let's stop insulting (and sadly threatening) those who understand and defend VRRWS and stop saying this an issue of trans phobia because we all know its not. It's about protecting a space that women can give mutual aid to each other through SHARED life-experience.

Trans women ARE women. The

Trans women ARE women. The extent to which people are willing to grasp that varies greatly obviously. To claim that a space intended for women is somehow "liberatory" based in its exclusion of certain women is a farce.


Why not look at the rest of my comment and suggest otherwise to my (and many other people's) suggestion of focused energy and efforts to create a trans-only space? Are you telling me that trans women have the SAME life experience as women who have been born and raised as such?

Are you telling me that

Are you telling me that people who were labeled female at birth by a patriarchal medical system all have the same life experience?


Nixon sued Rape Relief, not the other way around. And Rape Relief stood up for me in defending itself against Nixon's attack. It's heartbreaking that this had to happen and that women advocating for women are being attacked for so doing. But it has always been thus and we will fight on, with trans people at our side, or not. I would rather it be side-by-side but as is obvious, it's not my choice to make.

"These women absolutely do

"These women absolutely do not represent the VRRWS that I know. I doubt it even happened but if it did, they definitely are not a part of the organization any longer."


Nousha - What I've shared is true, and defininitely they are part of the organization at present.

justthink - I think that it

justthink - I think that it is fair to request that if folks are going to make accusations of this nature, they provide evidence. Otherwise I believe this kind of thing could constitute slander/libel. 


Evidence is what I was insinuating but obviously I should be making myself crystal clear in such a conversation that nit picks whatever can be used to (sadly what is) the opposition's advantage.
^ I say sadly because this is just such a waste as I mentioned earlier. But obviously no body who is accusing VRRWS of being trans phobic wants to address the real issues that have been mentioned by others over and over again.

Quiz #2


Well, since no one responded to my last quiz, how about a new one?

True or False:

1) Raperelief’s policies are not transphobic –per se, it’s just that everyone who works/volunteers there or accesses their services must have a biologically functioning vagina, the same one they had when they were born, and they must have been socialized as female gendered, and identified completely as ‘female’ inutero to the present day. (This requirement can be waived if the female gendered person had a vagina at birth, still has that same vagina, yet did not comply with the female gender identity --but only as long as she does not actually identify as ‘male gender.’ Tomboys, butches, sportygirls, engineers, brobabes, etc. are ok) 

…oh no, wait, is it the vagina or the uterus that makes a woman a woman? damn, now I’m getting confused. Maybe it’s the breasts! Or the long silky hair… or maybe it’s nothing specific, it’s just the complete absence of a penis, and balls too I guess. Ok got it! back on track, a real woman is a person who was born completely without a penis! Real women can be anything we want, as long as we never, ever, ever, had a penis (or balls) …and never wanted one either… hmmmm, but what about strap ons, ok, getting distracted now back to the quiz…

2) It’s impossible to interview applicants based on their education, life experience and talents to hire staff based on their abilities and their fit into the values and practices of an agency. Luckily, biology and genetics solves this problem because all women-born-women are inherently qualified to staff a rape crisis line or work in a battered women’s shelter. Whereas anyone who has, or has ever had, a penis is genetically and socially incapable of the job –regardless of his/her gender identity or experience under patriarchy.

Multiple Choice:

Exclusion of transpeople from women-born-women spaces is entirely justified because:

a) Transgendered women are ‘born-men-women’ who are gentically male, have been socialized as men, thus are men, and as men, can not relate to women-born-women’s oppression under patriarchy.

c) We live in a ‘rape-culture’ where ostensibly all men are potential rapists, thus men-born-women transwomen, being really men, continue to carry the threat of ‘man the rapist’ or ‘man the abuser’ despite her ‘current’ gender identity.

d) Even if transwomen are really women, most women who experience sexual or domestic violence don’t have the same ‘liberal’ view of transgendered issues and will be afraid of trans people, so to create a safe space, it must be clearly women only, (but manly looking/acting women are ok).

e) all of the above.

Write eleven ranty paragraphs with no syntax on the following topics:

Transgendered people are a psychiatric dysfunction that is a product of patriarchy and the corporate medical industry…

Transgendered people are a threat to real queer people, because FTMs ‘steal’ lesbian bodies, and MTFs invade women only space…

Women can never be aggressive domineering abusers but it is biologically and genetically predetermined that men are…

Bonus Essay Question:

It is important to hold onto ideological relics of the past that have long since been disproven to preserve the history of the feminist movement as a living museum for future generations…

Draft a ten point plan outlining how this can be developed, giving historical and present day examples.



Love this. Although in

Love this. Although in regards to multiple choice D, you might want to ask, for example, Sheila Gilhooly (a butch cis woman) about that, as she was singled out by a witness for VRR during the Nixon trial as someone supposedly undesirable to speak with based on her gender presentation, despite her lifelong identity as a woman, and being a "woman born woman". So it's not just trans women who get singled out as undesirable or unwelcome, but it is definitely trans women who bear the brunt of it.

If people need evidence to support this "claim", please see


double bonus points!

submitted for revision on the final exam:

 ...(but manly looking/acting women are ok-ish --as long as they agree with the exclusion of transpeople from women-born-women spaces).

  The first following


The first following statement alone (it's out of context) rings so true. The second sums up the understanding I've encountered..


“As a radical feminist, I believe that gender does not reside for the most part in our bodies--it resides in our heads, where gender socialization occurs.”


“We have not come a long way, baby, and we cannot afford to give out movement over just yet to the boys, no matter how they come dressed.”

by Karla Mantilla, originally published in off our backs, April 2000



Socialization clearly failed miserably for trans girls. Men and patriarchal institutions are not colluding with transsexual women in an attempt to destroy women-only space and in turn destroy women's progress. This 'trans women plotting our demise' theory is paranoia. There is no secret alliance going on behind feminists backs between these two groups. Take a good look outside past those cliquely little groups and see that THE MAN despises, humiliates and rejects trans people. Trans women see the “woman-only” sign and think they are safe only to be accused of being men and having an “insidious” agenda.


“Instead, current scientific results strongly suggest neurobiological origins for transsexualism: Something appears to happen during the in-utero development of the transsexual child's central nervous system (CNS) so that the child is left with innate, strongly perceived cross-gender body feelings and self-perceptions.”
“Recent research indicates that MtF transsexualism may result from a female differentiation in a genetic male of the BSTc portion of the hypothalamus, during interactions between the developing brain and fetal sex hormones; this brain region is essential to sexual feelings and behavior.”
“Support for this brain-differentiation and CNS imprinting theory of gender identity also comes from the recently reported research studies on intersex boys who had been surgically changed into girls and raised as girls, yet who grew up insisting on being boys (see the important earlier section on the intersexed). These follow-up studies demonstrate that having female genitals and being raised as girls did not make these brain-sexed boys into girls. They somehow deeply knew that they were boys, in spite of all the external evidence that they were girls - in other words, they presented just as if they were FtM transsexual boys.”
From: What Causes Transsexualism?
by Lynn Conway



It's common to fear what we don't understand. I believe in separtist space, which is why I believe trans women who are of like-minded politics belong in feminist woman-only spaces. I agree that some women who were victimized by male violence will potentially be frightened by trans women counsellors and some will not. Generally when we encounter difference we can experience fear and then with continued exposure we become more comfortable as our awareness and understanding grows. The parallel keeps being made between woman-only groups and racialized and Indigenous groups. In the examples being used trans women wanting inside woman-only spaces are being compared to white women wanting in women of colour and Indigenous women spaces. The difference, besides the obvious, is that white women hold the privilege and are given unearned power due to the colour of their skin. Trans women do not get male privilege. There is an unfortunate long herstory of white women banishing women of colour form their personal circles, groups and organizations because they associated racialized groups with criminal behaviour, including violence. White women dying on hospital wards refusing medical treatment from non-white nurses because they claim they are afraid of being physically harmed, and maybe they are afraid, but I know for a fact these patients are told to “cope with it” and I agree. These parallels don't make sense because we are talking about groups formed based on a common identity and this shared identity results in a shared experience of oppression. Trans women share our oppression, and most often have no means of ever accessing male privilege due to their status as trans. The majority of trans women don't have access to very much money or hold any respectable social position due to government policies and social attitudes. As “women born women” it's easier for us to access male privilege through alliances with men. For example, marriages and work associations, friendships and family. For most trans women their families and communities have abandoned them and men enjoy exploiting and abusing them simply because they are disenfranchised of their rights and social power. Trans rights and trans people are constantly being questioned. I want to know in what world are trans people unchallengeable like has been stated? If groups of activists saying they want to end transphobia can be read as dogmatic, vicious people with sophisticated plotting abilities whose sole purpose is to destroy and stop you then we have ventured into the territory of psychotic paranoia. We are willing to give men the benefit that they can change their sexist behaviour. Why can't you give these trans rights activists the benefit that they are trying to change things for the better, and that maybe they've perceived a situation that seemed cruel and unfair to them and so they felt compelled to step in and demand change. Even if you don't agree with their strategy, why not take time to sit down and listen to what they are saying and consider there might be something you can learn instead of just slamming the door on any dialog by saying they are awful and deceitful or just strait up accusing people of lying and being wrong.

Meghan, I don't wish to slander anybody or attack anyone. And Nousha, I don't view women at Rape Relief as my "opposition". I am taking responsibility for myself and my inaction. I didn't share what I did lightheartedly. These truths are very painful and confusing and have left me with a lot of guilt. I don't beleive those kinds of statement are isolated individual acts of meanness.  I don't blame individuals and feel they need to be punished or humiliated. I think their statements are because of the belief system that is embedded in Rape Relief and when women join Rape Relief they are encouraged to adopt those views.

previous 3 threads are so right on!



All this academic industrial complex conversations is really tedious and fucking sad. Baiting Meghan and her co-horts like Elizabeth, etc......etc. Looks pretty obvious to me. Oppressive dogma to the core. And to even believe for a second that ones so called feminist arguement comes from the patriarchy, eurocentric, academic industrial complex (rooted in crapitalism) is laugable at best.

No one has even brought up spirituality and indigenous cultural beliefs. Ooooo......not academic industrial complex enough! (yea...lived experience means nothing compared to my so called academic facts.........eeeeessshhhhh)


I am not going to waste much more time on this. There will be more actions - that is the so called vague threat that was refered to - more from the paranoia asshats. Name calling? Yes indeed! Deflect and minimize - part of your game plan. Whining about a vague threat - the threat is that community organizers like myself will not stand idly by while people are oppressed, harmed and disinformation and oppressive dogma is promoted. We will fight (stand up to your bullshit) you where ever you are. This is not violence. The only violence is the oppresion you promote - which directly affects some massively marginalized people!

Love the quiz!

Tami Starlight (thats right - i use my real name here too)





Totally Tami! "Deflect and

Totally Tami!

"Deflect and minimize - part of your game plan."

No kidding.. I fell right into that trap. Women of VRRSW act as if these outrageous accusations and outright lies are being thrown around that they are transphobic. I tried to be diplomatic but I'm pissed off now.

I keep seeing the words "slander/libel" directed at me and yet I just referenced an article off of VRRWS website titled:


All of what Rape Relief is being accused of is on-line for everyone to see.

I have been made very aware that Rape Relief does not prefer the term "transphobic" to describe themselves, probably because it conjures up negative associations and bad press.  

Elizabeth you write, "But it has always been thus and we will fight on, with trans people at our side, or not. I would rather it be side-by-side but as is obvious, it's not my choice to make."

Would you really rather fight side by side with trans women?

Then why don't you start by taking down those hateful articles from your website immediately as a first step to demonstrate to the trans community and their allies that you want solidarity, that you don't believe they are "men in ewes' clothing" and you mean what you say!



Rape Relief's tactics haven't changed for 20 years!

Twenty years ago, Rape Relief told a woman I was working with that her mother was not responsible for pimping her out as a child cause she too was a victim of the patriarchy.  The woman was not allowed to be angry at her mother even though there was no other person responsible for it happening.  Another woman was working on the support lines when a suicidal man called in distraught over the trauma his wife had endured.  She was told in no uncertain terms they did not support men.  Because the man was suicidal this woman was trying to find alternative help for him.  When she tried to explain that to her "supervisor" - the phone was immediately and without warning to her or the man hung up on him in mid-sentence and mid-suicide.  The topper for me was when the director was quoted back to me as saying that society shouldn't deal with victims of organized crime (i.e., child prostitution & pornography) because it made regular child molestors look like "whimps."  Those victims were women.   I shudder to think of how they deal with transgendered women.  I have had nothing to do with Rape Relief for a very long time.  As much as they do support women in many ways, they do just as much harm to those same born-women if they don't fit their narrow definition of what is acceptable.  I am glad someone is finally holding them accountable for a damaging dogma that breeds a harmful ignorance.  And I am no fool - I am signing this anonymously because of that harmful ignorance and their intimidating tactics! 


The following are sentences taken from VRRWS website article titled:

Should Transsexual Counsel Rape Victims?

"If Nixon were accepted as a volunteer, she wouldn't just be manning (oops) the crisis lines."

"She can stomp up and down in her over-sized high heels insisting she's a woman all she wants but some rape victims just might not buy it."

Thanks to those who participated in and made this action happen

a hundred times over. xo.

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