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Complaints against the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit - Deaf Ears get Deafer

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The Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit has a huge list of complaints against them. These can range from the routine, to the downright outrageous. The complaints run the full gambit, and unlike at a summit, these complaints show the full impact of the Olympics and the RCMP on the local communities that you wouldn't normally find if you were to go to one of the fancy community centres and read the press releases.

The allegations against the V2010ISU include:

  • Sex Workers forced to have sex with members of the V2010ISU
  • Assaulted VANOC employees (Not even VANOC liked the V2010ISU)
  • Illegal Search and Seizure

The complaints appear to have allegations of sexual harassment. I'm amazed that this material never made it out to the public, but we all know that the mainstream media with few exceptions were more interested in the happy story of the Olympics than even more tales of the RCMP behaving badly, but the complaints appearing make it seem outrageous. There's also a complaint brought against Bud Mercer himself about volunteer accreditation.

It should be noted that these complaints are explicitly Olympic Related which indicates that the CPC must have gotten some budget for dealing with these complaints. It would be interesting to find out what the budget was, or if this was just under its existing mandate.

As usual, the documents are below and if someone wants to run with this, it would definitely be an interesting story.

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