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The Information Intake Form of the V2010ISU

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Dominion Stories

The Information Intake Form is how the V2010ISU got unsolicited information. This can include random phone calls to Crimestoppers, as well as information from random e-mails, prank phone calls, as well as our own propaganda. When I first requested information on the IIF, I had no clue what I would get, but it turns out that I got 35 MB of PDFs indicating the various activities of the V2010ISU.

These files include everything from graffiti and vandalism to fears of terrorist threats such as the Secretary General of NATO. There are different priority levels for each of these IIF files, and its clear that there is a LOT of this request that is redacted. However, the main theme of the RCMP seeking out threats from the First Nations community is obvious as soon as you see seemingly disconnected things like the Free John Graham benefit being profiled by the Olympic Police.

The first entry of interest to me was on Page 9, where there is an infiltration request where the V2010ISU already planned to divert the Olympic Torch, and were afraid that the protest would arrive at Prime Minister Stephen Harper's event.

The second is the first instance of someone snitching on a group of Anti-Olympic protesters. This person is out of UBC, is male, and called Campus Security with the information about the event and the fact that someone apparently stole Fire Extinguishers to put out the Olympic Torch. There are a lot of dates with no info in them, mostly because it was all redacted, and because it all was relating to the various activities of VISU during the Olympics.

Then for some reason, jumping from the Paraolympics, back to 2008, we see very old IIF information. This indicates that they were monitoring the activities of Betty K with respect to what happened at Brittania Community Centre. This would normally be just an article, but Krawczyk is in all caps, which based on my file, as well as Dawn's file, indicates that they added her to the persons of interest, probably even before her arrest at Eagleridge Bluffs.

The next interesting document is about a thirty-two page magazine called "Live or Die, Land & Freedom, Secwepemc'ulucw: Defend Native Territory". This follows with more reports of graffiti from Queens Univeristy, as well as the RCMP targeting PETA. The second document is extremely short, but definitely has a lot more information.

The third document seems to think that people like protesting golfing tournaments and they expected to see protests in Oakville, Ontario. This same document indicates beyond any reasonable doubt that Camas Books was being surveilled and infiltrated during the Olympics. It also shows that all the speakers at the event were most likely considered persons of interest. There's a report from someone about a suspicious site regarding the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There is some stupid shit in this file as well, namely the person who dumped water on the cop complaining to the police about being followed. This is exactly what you don't do when you are being harassed by the police. There were people who were disgruntled employees who snitched on their bosses to the V2010ISU. There is also a LOT of other documents that should have been redacted, but clearly aren't including a request on another Vancouver Media Coop volunteer.

There was also a planned Skytrain Protest that the V2010ISU was planning for, information about the police attending a public meeting of ORN at the Castlegar Public Library, and a report about a "Police Hater" not far from the Olympic complex. It seems that the V2010ISU spent a lot of time chasing ghosts and rumors when you read these documents, although it does cover a LOT of the events that happened, including the deportations, the Olympic Tent City and the No Sochi 2012 event.

The data in these forms is in bits and pieces, and I am seriously tempted to send in a complaint about the redactions, since it seems that the IIF files that my name is mentioned in aren't in here. Furthermore, it appears that they used every redaction possible to make this as useless as possible, including 13(1)(a)(c)(d), which cover information given by another government, 15(1) which covers military knowledge, 16(2) which is an RCMP exemption, and 19(1) which is the Privacy exemption. Now, the RCMP exemption states that this could be used somehow for an offense, but I highly doubt it, since the Olympics are over.

Anyway, I FINALLY got this release out and ready to roll, here are the files:

  • A313.PDF - SHA1SUM: aee372fe8a221ca8fff5ee591ba486cc78fc670b
  • B313.PDF - SHA1SUM: 10b42eb777ff9039b713899e16d6bfac9caf12c4
  • C313.PDF - SHA1SUM: 556bd649312fd494d0f92d836dba802ebea30d05
  • d_313.pdf - Note: I redacted the name of a ORN member who wasn't a public speaker - SHA1SUM: 03a971fba93afadbb6e0ebcdbf604d143fe489bf
  • E313.PDF - SHA1SUM: 2e7b88e6be8fe54954f761657f2eeeff74f30453
  • F313.PDF - SHA1SUM: d862844134c88dcbbf112c1a78f8ffbabf9f4a0f
  • G313.PDF - SHA1SUM: 031b08f6c9ef0fbf584afd6dd21a3cd3f3e634fe
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