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Reviewing Random CSIS Documents (and CSEC stuff too)

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Dominion Stories

A while ago I requested a list of all the CSIS documents for the past two years. In the future, I shouldn't need to do this, since the summaries will be posted on the CSIS website, and I should be able to pick and choose what I want from there and save my $5. I'll also be able to see what CSIS gives out and what it doesn't since my idea of a completed request is different from theirs.

At any rate, what I have is the following:

  • CSIS ITAC on Islamic Hackers/Stuxnet/etc
  • CSIS ITAC from March 1 to April 6, 2011
  • Information on Mourad Ikhlef, who was arrested with a Security Certificate and deported to Algeria. Security Certificates are very controversial, which is why I requested a copy.
  • A very poor copy of the Business Structure of CSIS in the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, which shows CSIS involvement in the Joint Intelligence Group. Unfortunately this didn't scan properly, and is next to completely illegible.
  • The CSIS Reading Room Log - Unfortunately this is all printed on legal paper, and I need to scan it all by hand

I also requested documents from CSEC about the Tutte Institute, which has been recently renamed. This isn't incredibly interesting, since it just shows that some institute for Math and Computer Science designed for Cryptography and Data Mining research got renamed. I honestly would have chose Stephenson, but their criteria for choosing the name does make sense, since Tutte was involved in Bletchely Park.

We still don't really know what goes on here,or how effective Canadian Universities are in having Grad and PhD candidate students work on Cryptography and Data Mining. (Frankly, the second part scares me far more than the first.), but we know that this exists and when they decided to put a nice public face on it. The thing with CSEC is unlike CSIS, I'm sure that some of the people at CSEC are nice people, they just happen to be nice people who are making weaponized surveillance tech that can be used against us.

At any rate, here are the documents that are actually readable, I'll try to get the other documents online, but these should be interesting to someone:

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I just want to thank you for

I just want to thank you for all the Access to Information work you've been doing... I have read most of your posts, from the Olympics/RCMP stuff to this, and I think it's an invaluable service that you're doing to radicals. Definitely helping us get an inside look at how the state security apparatus operates and views us.

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