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Parents of Multi-Chem Marketing Coordinator In Fight Against Halliburton Fracking?

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Multi-Chem: Amy Griffin Reese
Multi-Chem: Amy Griffin Reese

Guerrilla Marketing Multi-Chem Style: Fracker Registers CITIZENSAGAINSTMULTICHEM and CITIZENSAGAINSTMULTI-CHEM domains to block fracking and pollution protests.



Citizens Against Multi-Chem founder Marcella Manuel attempted to register the domain name CITIZENSAGAINSTMULTICHEM.COM only to see that apparently Lawrence H. and Charlotte Fishlo Griffin - the parents of Multi-Chem Marketing Coordinator Amy Griffin Reese - or one of their house guests beat her to the draw on that name and others like it:

The common contact info for all these registrations (at least until "they" see this) is as follows:

Riley Jane
20235 Hampshire Rocks Drive
Katy, Texas 77450 USA

Whether "Riley Jane" is a pseudonym or house guest of the Griffins we don't know but we DO know the address listed is real enough.  Here's the house:

Here's how we know Charlotte F. and Lawrence H. Griffin live there, and that daughter Amy likely did at some point as well:

Of course Amy's happily married to James "J.R." Reese now and working hard as their Marketing Coordinator to paint a face on Frac King Multi-Chem that's as lovely as her own:

The telephone number on the registrations above - 281-220-7281 - reaches Amy's voicemail at Multi-Chem.  To actually contact her parents at their Hampshire Rocks Drive residence in Katy Texas, you might try 281-578-0261.  If you do, ask them who the legal registrant for all those CITIZENSAGAINSTMULTICHEM[.com|.org|.net] and CITIZENSAGAINSTMULTI-CHEM[.com|.org|.net] domain names really is:  The mysterious "Riley Jane"?  Lawrence H. Griffin?  Charlotte Fishlo Griffin?  Amy Griffin Reese?  Multi-Chem?  Halliburton?  Or none of the above?

One thing's for sure:  It's NOT "Citizens Against Multi-Chem":

Their REAL email address:



Multi-Chem: Less Bragging About Fracking?

Multi-Chem & The Insanity Of Letting The Frackers Do It Again

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