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Tzep calls for gentle tar sands, promotes GE: appeal to Greenpeace supporters and employees

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Original Peoples, →2010 Olympics

General Electric and Tzeporah Berman present the need to destroy BC Rivers;
Tzep calls for "gentle tar sands" with "tough laws".
February 18, 2010

Tzeporah Berman is readying the ground to sell-out both Greenpeace and
the anti-tar sands struggle in general. Hired only days ago to take over
Greenpeace International's climate campaign, Berman will run the "stop
the tar sands" campaign if Greenpeace members, donors and employees do
not stop her from taking office-- set to be in April.

Today, noted eco-disaster corporation General Electric held a private
police enforced "Green energy" bazaar in downtown Vancouver as a part
of the Olympics, part of which was to showcase how they are destroying
rivers for privatized power. Ms Berman attended and promoted her river
destroying organization PowerUP. The event was guarded by police and by
invitation only.

This, only days after she argued that "development is sometimes needed".

Now, the new climate campaigner for Greenpeace International has written
a little "review" of the film "Petropolis" where she praises the fact
that the film doesn't "make snap judgements" (i.e. the film does not
call for the shut down of the worst idea and most destructive project in
the history of humanity).

Berman is a master of publicity and is already setting the groundwork
for future campaigns and betrayals, backroom deals and greenwashing the
un-greenable. By talking about Petropolis as being "non judgemental" she
is setting the stage for a tar sands industry that continues to destroy
the river systems, does not stop mining in the largest mines ever built,
does not stop clearcutting the Boreal Forest at a rate that only has one
or two areas on the entire planet that are being destroyed faster, but
instead will do all of these things and somehow (even though the
technology does not exist) will be this vast and destructive but somehow
become "carbon neutral".

Since there is no such technology as "clean tar sands" anymore than
clean coal, one must assume that this is right in line with why she is
promoting the destruction of rivers in BC: to use them as "clean energy"
offsets that will allow for *unbridled development of the tar sands*.

Like a war, there is no justice without peace, and for communities
across Turtle Island, there is no peace with justice-- the justice of
shutting down the greatest monstrosity on the face of the development
planet we have now.

All people who:

a: Believe in environmental justice and want the tar sands shut down;

b: want Greenpeace to be something other than a force for selling out
our environment to the highest bidder;


Dear Greenpeace employees, activists and volunteers:

Greenpeace promotes silence within their own ranks. Employees are tasked
to take orders and not ask questions. The only chance for the
organization and the best chance for the anti-tar sands movement in
general will be:

All members and donors to Greenpeace should IMMEDIATELY alert the
organization that if she takes office they will pull all contributions
to the organization that once had actual opposition to these kinds of
massive destructive developments;

ALL employees should organize within the organization, build an-
anti-Tzeporah campaign from within, including all means of NVDA that
they learned from that same organization.



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Harper's Indigi-wa$h

Stephen Harper is serving up Canada's indigenous people on a platter for the extractive industries with the help of a Judas or two. This is how it works wherever they do business, divide the community with bribes and see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil when the hit-men do their job.
Knowing full well that carbon capture and sequestration won't work, the Alberta tar sands are looking to buy carbon offsets to allow them to expand. AFN Grand Chief Shawn Atleo, successor to Phil Fontaine, is considering an offer from Shell to sell his band's standing forest as carbon offset. This would enable the tarsands to expand. He went to Copenhagen as Special Advisor to Stephen Harper, and spoke at a forum held by the largest NGO there, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). Now he's developing an indigenous "position" on carbon cap-and-trade called I'm-All-Right-Jack. What about reserves that don't have trees or oil? Will they get equalization payments from AFN? Who do they represent? Mary Simon, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami also took the free trip to Copenhagen. She could be useful to Harper as Governor-General.
South American forests could also become carbon offsets for the Alberta tar sands, because there won't be enough forests to sign up in Canada. World Vision says:"The millions of poor who are most affected by climate change can play an important part in reducing its effects. Revenue generated from carbon offset credits (derived from projects that sequester or reduce greenhouse emission gases) can be re-invested in local communities for health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation and economic development." Jesus, they might as well lie back and think of England. It's god's will that the tarsands expand and the campesino's job to sequester carbon organically for the sinners' sake. Onward Christian soldiers! Thanks to Fidelity Offsets we can keep screwing around.

Harper has North-of-60 compromised too. Taxpayers paid $66 million for the mineral mapping that mining lobby group PDAC wanted. Revenue from minerals there reverts to the federal government. First nations have to stake mining claims if they want revenue. Those opposed can stay on welfare, while the others participate in the destruction of their own land. No damage deposit. No Heritage Fund.
The recent G7 Finance Ministers meeting in Iqaluit was just another Harper scheme to prop up the Conservative MP. He's prepping the north for exploitation. Everyone who crosses the path of a psychopath can be put to use. He thinks a chief in his pocket is Indigi-cred.
Likewise, Harper's mining buddies are wreaking a path of destruction in Latin America. On Feb. 16 in Catamarca, Argentina, thousands of citizens ran civic officials out of town for being complicit with mine-owner Goldcorp. The mine itself is heavily armed.
The main problem with the grand scheme so far is that hit-men are murdering environmentalists and community leaders in Central America for opposing Canadian mining companies and one company has been charged under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act for bribing a mayor. Canadian mining interests contribute to presidential elections and help keep Zelaya out of office in Honduras. Harper is also proceeding with morphing Rights & Democracy into the Centre for Democracy Promotion to help liberate the people and oil of Venezuela and Bolivia. This "foundation for political warfare" will implement US foreign policy by stealth and Harper has just proposed the President be hired from Madelaine Albright's National Democratic Institute. The Armageddon Factor can expect blowback to Canada because of his actions and these murders:
Marcelo Rivera, El Salvador, June 18/09, opposed Pacific Rim Mining,
Adolfo Ich Chaman, Guatemala, Sept. 27/09, opposed HudBay Minerals,
Mariano Abarca Roblero, Chiapas, Mexico, Nov. 27/09, opposed Blackfire Exploration,
Ramiro Rivera Gomez, El Salvador, Dec. 20/09, opposed Pacific Rim Mining,
Felicita Echeverria, 57, El Salvador, Dec. 20/09, innocent victim, neighbour of Ramiro
Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto, 32, eight months pregnant, El Salvador, Dec. 26/09, opposed
Pacific Rim Mining
audio incogito facesso
adversitas vinco vici victum


Have you called Tzeporah Berman and talked to her directly? Perhaps that may help to gain a better perspective of the principles and morals on which she bases her work. The last thing we need is misinformation and miscommunication within the environmental justice movement. 



re: Constructive

she kind of speaks for herself -- what "perspective" could justify the tar sands? there is no environmental justice in this kind of maneuvering, therefore, it is not "misinformation and miscommunication within the environmental justice movement," unless you mean confusing a spokeshack with what greenpeace is supposed to represent.

common sense

It appears common sense isnt that common anymore. To bad the mentally disturbed are being manipulated by the small percentages.

fyi I praised the film

fyi I praised the film Petropolis because it is such a clear devestating and impactful tour of the tarsands. I referred to its lack of commentary and judgement only in so far as it might lead more viewers to watch it and make their own decisions.  To be clear, I wouldn't have accepted the position with Greenpeace if I didn't think the tarsands need to be shut down. In the climate era I believe we have to work to stop fossil fuel consumption and production as quickly as possible.  As one member of a global team at Greenpeace I will work with my colleagues to develop policy positions and campaign strategies that move us quickly to demand reduction and renewable energy strategies. 

Before calling for my head perhaps you could give me a call and we could talk about the issues some time?


What's your number then?

 Will give a call.

Corporate Enabler!

Will not support Berman's hiring!

And no 'chat' with you will change that.

Giving Gordon Campbell an award at Copenhagen!

Are you still at Powerup Canada while collecting a paycheque from Greenpeace International?

Will you move to Amsterdam, please?

Whats wrong with Analysis?

Public figures who make prepared statements, advocate specific policies, and represent organizations with public agendas are not treated the same way as our neighbors and friends. If their ations indicate a pattern of behavior, we can reasonably categorize and label them in a way that would be otherwise inappropriate.

Lending credibilty to an out-and-out leech like Gordon Campbell by giving him an evironmental award in front of the world at copenhagen is inexcusable. He can cash in that credibility to do more harm in the future, and it blurs his past crimes.

Promoting run-of-river power which will undoubtedly enable industry to greenwash their continued destructive practices is foolish at best.

Posing beside Paris Hilton is just icky.

If a pattern of choosing the moral comprimise at every crucial moment emerges, can we not judge the character of the person?

I say too bad for greenpeace, the real work of fighting the future will fall to another organization.

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