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It’s Time for an enlightened dictatorship in Canada

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Dominion Stories

Why is this government wasting time by just closing down parliament temporarily or whenever it suits its whims? Let’s go the “full Monty” and abolish the House of Commons altogether (keep the Senate as it’s an unelected body suited for absolute monarchs) and just turn it into a museum of Canadian civilisation or maybe a shopping mall or an IKEA warehouse on "the Hill". The central peace tower can be used as an environment Canada weather station, to track incoming flurries and create jobs for unemployed clerks and staffers. Or maybe create a “Potemkin parliament “ out of it, where MPs would debate or “rubber stamp” and enact all laws proposed by the P.M. and cabinet, like they did under that enlightened absolutist imperial empress, Catherine the Great of Russia.

Shenanigans like Prorogation, just means delaying, postponing more droning throne speeches into the most crucial months of the hockey season.

Until the P.M did the sensible thing and shuttered the place, parliament was simply wasting time debating and elaborating useless bills on issues of no importance to Canadians like: housing, job creation, military spending, environmental regulations and foreign trade treaties etc. Hence, in my view is this: it’s time get rid of this useless and outdated institution. It’s a drag or “an inconvenience “on our leader. It cramps his unique style and talent in the art of usurpation of power. So then, let’s have an efficient, high- performing. benevolent dictatorship instead. Or if you are still a royalist; maybe then an enlightened monarchy would do.

Here are some good reasons in favour of an enlightened dictatorship. Kazakhstan, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Honduras, Gabon and now Canada, all share the same thing. They all were, or still are or will soon all become enlightened dictatorships were a thriving middle class and civil society was created. In some cases this has led to the establishment of an official, working democratic system. These countries were governed by an enlightened dictatorship. Now who can argue with that? Need I scribble more?

But on a more serious note folks, prorogation is an arbitrary act which renders parliament more redundant each time such an action is taken. It abrogates parliament’s authority, as the institution, which reigns supreme over all other governmental functions. It disturbs the law making process and renders our already fragile democracy even more dysfunctional. And it further alienates an already cynical, apathetic and disgruntled electorate from the political process.

It goes without saying (but in these times is should be said and repeated again and again) that the rule of law in the land is embodied by and in parliament and not by any one individual.

Hence when parliamentary procedure is curtained or interrupted, this rule of law is seriously challenged and undercut. I will end this entry with a passage written by the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce (1866-1952) who once supported Benito Mussolini in his rise to power but then disavowed him as “il Duce” took on dictatorial powers. “The ancient peoples…” he wrote, “praised especially legislators, founders, and reformers of state; because, if men of war and diplomacy stand for strength of action in the present, for victories, conquests and the security of States against danger and ruin, legislators stand for the preservation and increase of these advantages in the future by means of the institutions which guarantee them.” When the preservation, continuation and relevance of parliament is questioned or seriously challenged by an elected leader like it is being now , our democracy falters and a Canadian version of Kazakhstan becomes a scary reality.

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