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Know Your Rights Flyer for Occupy Vancouver Activists

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Know your Rights!

The Occupy Vancouver Legal Basics for Activists Flyer is attached to provide a brief overview of your rights, arrest, and other info for activists.

Please see the following for additional information:

BCCLA Arrest Handbook

Civil Disobedience Handbook

UVic Civil Disobedience Handbook


                              If you are arrested or to report arrests please call the 

                                        Occupy Vancouver Arrest Support Line


Call this number:
  • If you are arrested, detained and require legal counsel
  • To report any arrests, questioning or detentions, police abuses or misconduct, injuries, etc. as they occur. Also call to ask about jail support, missing friends, etc.

Also Help Us Document Police incidents

Please send in photos and non- emergency accounts of witnessed arrests, police misconduct, experiences in custody, statements by police and city officials,

Write to:


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