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Like Old Dirty said, Its for the Kids...

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No 2010 Police State
No 2010 Police State

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I attended the 2010 Olympic Torch Lighting ceremonies last weekend in Victoria and it was a spectacle I will never forget. The legislature all lit up with "crazy" visuals, a giant screen with animation of our favorite mascots, tiny Canadian flags for the crowd, those breakdancer guys, Olympic gloves for $11 dollars a pop, man, what a wild ride! I was in the thick of it and the crowd was loving it like JT in those Mickie D ads. I was even fortunate enough to witness some in the crowd become so overwhelmed with joy that they had to wipe tears away from their glassy hollow eyes. T'was a beautiful sight indeed. And the kids. Oh man, the kids were loving it. In fact, that seemed to be all any of the big cheese's, Campbell, Harper, et all could talk about. How great the Olympics are for the kids, the youth of Canada, the future generations. Maybe I'm out of the loop but did they build an Olympic bouncy castle I didn't hear about?


The recent articles about the stupid bad protesters who ruined the torch relay because it had to be diverted played the "kids" card as well. As Michael Smyth of the Province wrote in his article today:


"Evaluations must go beyond dollars and scratch at what hosting the Games really does to a city." That includes intangible benefits like increased volunteerism, inspiring kids to get active, greater awareness of disabled people and their strengths and plain old Canadian pride. Or, like I experienced, just watching the wonder in your children's eyes"


Please tell me people are not this naive? Well Michael Smyth, heres a great chance to watch the wonder in your child's eyes. Tell him that the BC goverment, his buddies and mine who are throwing this big ass party that were not invited too, have cut 14 million from school sports programs since September 1st. Or how about how our Olympic pals cutting 16 million for education funding this summer. Or better yet, how they cut another 16 million from the student aid budget in October while in the same breath mentioning that tuition fees collected will surpass last years windfall of 1.04 billion to 1.11 billion. Oh yeah, and they scrapped the Permanent Disability Benefits Program which helped disabled students with their debts. How about that for greater awareness of disabled people?!


Maybe what we need is greater awareness of how these thieves and liars are stealing our money, ruining the environment, installing a police state and destroying what little is left for our kids. Or does flag waving, anthem singing and hockey trump that? I don't know, maybe it does, but it sure as hell doesn't for me.


Ill be out diverting torch relays and whatever other relays, activities, parties, these VANOC idiots plan from here on out. Congratulations to everyone who marched in Victoria and got in the way of that torch. A torch that by the way Hitler loved. So heres how Im inspiring kids to get active, get active and get involved in disrupting all the bullshit that Campbell and his buddies are distracting us with while they steal our moolah. Kids, take those 11 dollar Olympic mittens, light that shit up and have your own fucking Torch relay. You can best believe Ill be wiping a tear away from my eye at the sight of that shit.


Seeya on the streets....







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