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Vancouver Sun equates protestors with Hezbollah

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Interesting article in the Vancouver Sun today, written by Ian MacLeod of the Ottawa Citizen called "Major event make 2010 a Dream Year for Activists, Extremists". 

Here is one choice paragraph from the article: 

"Security types will be watching for any signs of convergence between the extreme and secular left and radical Islam. Canadian anti-capitalist, anti-globalization, antiwar and anti-free trade groups are now in common cause with pro-Hezbollah and pro-Palestinian groups, said Quiggin"

Interesting connection to make! I guess all of us concerned with the many issues surround the 2010 games are......extremists? terrorists? Thanks for the not-so subtle implications Vancouver Sun! 

You can read the rest of the article linked below, send Ian MacLeod an email and tell'em what you think of his....journalism? I guess thats what they call it....

Seeya on the streets....nofutureface

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shame on the sun man, seriously.

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