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Pink Bloc Intervention in Rally for Civil Liberties in Vancouver, July 17 2010

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Pink Bloc Intervention in Rally for Civil Liberties in Vancouver, July 17 2010

Dominion Stories

Breach of the Peace - a delayed communiqué from the Pink Bloc:

This was a solidarity rally with people who had  been arrested during the anti G20 Convergence in Toronto.

In response to comments made by Ashley Fehr of Canadians Advocating Political Participation in the Georgia Straight that both condemned the black bloc and de-invited anyone wearing masks to the rally, a group of about ten people dressed head to toe in pink, wearing pink face masks with with pink flags and a banner that read, 'Solidarity 1073 plus.'

Fehr had retracted the de-invitation before the rally, and claims to have been misquoted, but many people who support direct action, including black bloc, felt the matter still needed to be addressed.

“You’re making us look bad.”
“No, we’re making you look gay!”

The concept of ‘making people look bad’ is a ludicrous rationalization for denouncing any action or group. Excluding illegal activity from resistance movements –even mainstream ones, is outlandish and historically revisionist. While the mass arrests in Toronto led to many ‘normal Canadians’ feeling the impact of the brutality of the Canadian state, it is unacceptable to allow continued resistance to exclude and condemn people who already live outside the protection of Canadian law and policy.

Some of the speakers at this event were people who had been arrested in Toronto. They spoke from a very vulnerable place about abuse and violation they experienced. Also, a bunch of politicians spoke at this event too, while numerous heckles could not be contained Pink Bloc people were holding back a lot of frustration hearing long speeches about Canada, and how police action during the G20 went against Canadian values. For a lot of people --in this instance, trans, queer and Indigenous people- Canada itself is a violation of everyday life and of people's bodies.

"While we can show solidarity with all of the arrestees in Toronto, it is not going to be at the expense of our own resistance movements. We see the breach of the peace in Toronto and celebrate, because for us, peace in Canada exists at our –and many others’- expense" --Pinky Tuscadero

A pamphlet titled, ‘No Dress Codes! No Fashion Police’ was handed out with information on the many reasons people wear masks and briefly touching on the use of direct action in popular liberation movements through history. Also, in the rally before the march, there was lots of discussion and debate between people in the pink bloc and other people attending the rally. Aside from a human troll who pulled the mask off one pink blocker, it was a good example of how diverse elements of resistance movements can –and do- engage with each other in a fruitful manner.

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the human troll

Any person who ignorantly grabs another person in the face and pulls off their mask, without consent is surely a human troll worthy of a free ball-busting session.

Many people in the community must hide themselves from the public eye, the cops and the media. This is a direct  result from being targeted with police brutality, the possibility of losing one's job, the possibility of having problems with immigration, and yet still wanting to be a part of a public protest to show solidarity with others who are against capitalism and horrendous police activity.

Surely we need no fashion police!

ive tried to comment on here

ive tried to comment on here before just trying agin since i am the princess on the i am NOT with anyone

Hells ya!

Well done Pink Block!

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