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Introducing Wreck

Blog posts are the work of individual contributors, reflecting their thoughts, opinions and research.

WRECK is a newly launched print-based anarchist publication from so-called Vancouver presenting analysis on regional and world events. Our first edition includes articles written by local writers on a number of issues including police repression, anarcha-feminism, riots, struggles against pipelines, and others.

Download the pdf of our first edition: WRECK Spring 2015

We intend for our project to offer an anarchist analysis to the events and activities that affect everyday life in Vancouver and surrounding regions. We hope that it will facilitate face-to-face conversations between anarchists and introduce anarchist ideas to those who are less familiar with them. Hopefully this publication can also act as a message in a bottle, allowing those far away to become aware of our projects and predicaments here.

We are looking for submissions for our second issue. We are interested in any piece that takes an anti-capitalist and anti-state approach to the matters that affect therm, and the people around them. Original artwork, poetry, and other artistic submissions are also welcome. If you would like to submit, or have an idea you would like to pass by the editors, email us at The deadline for submissions is June 30th, 2015.

For updates on the project:

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