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Greg Renouf: Dangerous Reactionary

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Greg Renouf
Greg Renouf

Blogger Greg Renouf has been a terrible annoyance and worse to revolutionaries and activists across Turtle Island since at least December 2011 when he was called out publicly for harassing an activist about Occupy Vancouver even though that particular activist was hardly ever at the encampment. He has since moved to Toronto where he has engaged in a more long-term campaign of slander, harassment, and conspiracy theories about the “tides funded” “treason” of what he sees as the left.

This is a callout for awareness, in the hopes that someone can shut him down in whatever capacity possible on the internet or wherever. It should also not be taken lightly that he is fairly tech-savvy.

I realize that there are more important things in the world to be writing about, and that some may even find his accusations and conjecture rather amusing (I know I have at times), but he actually represents a very real danger to many peoples lives. From reading his blog, it would appear that an anarchist comrade in Toronto has already been arrested and charged with an apparent assault, as a result of his cape-fear-esque obsession with individuals involved in radical social movements in so-called “Canada”.

The man is a dangerous right-wing reactionary and his accusations often have racist overtones. One very telling example came last March when No One Is Illegal held a march against racism on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. The march is held yearly against individual and systemic racism, and was being held on Commercial Drive that year because of a string of racist attacks in the area by members of a group named Blood and Honour. Renouf’s response was to attack an organizer from the group for their stance on Diversity of Tactics and charge them with reverse racism because they pointed out the racist implications of authoritarians and pacifists telling people what they could do or not do when they fight against capitalist society with its myriad of oppressions such as racism.

Another good example was when he backed up We Are Change Victoria a right-wing “libertarian” group for a demonstration they organized that had Doug Christie as a speaker. He does not in any way voice opposition to Doug Christie who as a lawyer has a long history of defending fascists, Nazis, and various holocaust deniers. Instead he goes into a redscare-like “beware the bolshivek menace” type rant about an organizer of the counter demonstration.

It is also quite telling his obsession with what he perceives as the left and similarities to the white power movement with its “rock against communism” as a response to “rock against racism” concerts.

Below I’ll let him speak for himself (in one of his latest postings) to show his absurd theories of a unified left, and his disgusting legalistic authoritarian arguments intended to whip up fear and hysteria against everyone from anarchists in a black bloc, to random university students

Most amusing of all perhaps is his assertion that the "anti-olympic movement" suddenly fell off a cliffs edge as a result of the Heart Attack demonstration on Feb 13th 2010. He clearly had no involvement in the movement and apperantly has no idea of the reason that there were thousands of people on the streets for the oppening of the Olympics and no time later. Because it was the only mass demonstration organized during the convergence! Masses of people don't just fall out of the sky and fly back into outer space because of some public image they like or don't like, it takes organizing! The capability of anticapitalist movements to mobilize people, and the autonomy that certain sections of the movement show is clearly something that threatens Renouf, and this is becoming dangerous for many people in these movements :

“It’s no secret now that Canadian activist movements have a problem with violence. Every major activist event in the past few years has been stained by violent acts- the 2010 Olympics, G20, the student fees protests in Quebec. Yet, despite the fact such violence very few activists have dared to speak-out. People who have, like peace activist Derrick O’Keefe, have ended-up being publically slaughtered. I can attest to that fact, having been on the receiving end of the abuse after standing-up against violence in the Occupy movement.

There are many leaders in activist communities who have been actively promoting the use of violent tactics. Some of the more prominent pro-violence activists I’ve written about include Harsha Walia (who O’Keefe and I were harshly attacked by), Alex Hundert, Julian Ichim, and Franklin Lopez. Pro-violence activists preach a gospel that it’s not only acceptable, but necessary to achieve societal change.

It’s hard to guess these people’s intentions, that should be left to the courts. But we can look at the results of previous activist violence and quickly realize it’s only had negative results. We can also ask the question of what would motivate people to promote such unproductive behaviour- are they simply unable to comprehend reality, or are some people intentionally leading activists down a path of self-destruction?

Let’s first look at the reality of the ineffectiveness of violent protest in Canada. One of the best examples is the 2010 Olympics where there were two major type of protesters- the ‘usual suspects’ of the anti-everything activist community, and then there was a large crowd of average middle-class folk who were unhappy having to carry the burden of the Olympic debt. The moment the violent faction began smashing-up the (American owned) Hudson Bay Company (in the name of anti-colonialism) the 100′s of average folk made a beeline back to the suburbs.

It was widely thought the protesters could have effectively shut-down the Olympics until that point…

Outside of scaring-away potential allies, and helping justify the building of a police state, there’s a more important reason to reject the use of violence. After reading through the Canadian Criminal Code (things one does when locked-in the house on a snow day) it appears that violence is the best possible tactic to kill an activist movement.

Have a look at section 2(a) of article 46 the Criminal Code:

(2) Every one commits treason who, in Canada,

(a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province;

So, basically, anyone who uses violence while calling for a revolution is technically committing treason! When Julian Ichim chants it’s ‘time to pick up a gun’, or when Harsha Walia said that Black Bloc is “about breaking windows, but not about breaking windows” what they are doing is counselling people to commit treason. Treason is a serious crime- get charged with that, and you’re unlikely to be marching in next year’s May Day march.

Now have a look at section’s 2(c) & 2(d):

(c) conspires with any person to commit high treason or to do anything mentioned in paragraph (a);

(d) forms an intention to do anything that is high treason or that is mentioned in paragraph (a) and manifests that intention by an overt act; 

One doesn’t have to commit an act of violence to be charged with treason. All it takes is to be caught conspiring to be violent. The law is very clear on this- if your activism is focussed on using violence to overthrow the capitalist system, and you get caught, there’s a possibility you will be put away behind bars for a very long time.

Outside of using violence, there’s only one other scenario where it’s illegal to try and overthrow the government- when a person decides to work with a foreign government to achieve that task. This must be particularly troubling for people like PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney, who’s been broadcasting anti-government propaganda on behalf of the Iranian government. This is covered in section 1:

(c) assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.

Beyond the use of violence, and collaborating with a foreign enemy, there don’t appear to be any other sections in the Criminal Code that deem it illegal to try and overthrow the government. It’s perfectly legal to (peacefully) gather people to protest and demand change. It’s legal to run for government and make change yourself. It’s also legal to lobby and communicate with political leaders (and fellow citizens) in an effort to overthrow the government. You’re just not allowed to use violence to achieve your goal.

So, regardless of their intentions- activist leaders who promote the use of violence are leading people down the one path that justifies the government to use force against their movements. If one had the intention to destroy the activist community, I couldn’t think of a better way to accomplish it.

The government knows this too- why else do you think the Quebec provincial police risked getting caught when they send provocateurs during the Montebello summit? They did it because they they knew it was the fastest path they could have to justifying a crack-down on the protesters.

As I’ve said, it’s impossible to know what’s going-on in the minds of the people promoting the use of violence- but, does it really matter what their intention is? The result is, and will continue to be, that each time violence is used, social & environmental justice movements end-up taking a step backwards. Then there are the individuals whose lives are destroyed- and more often than not, it’s the rank & file who end up in jail, not the leaders.

Violence is the one single issue that has the potential to kill people’s hope of achieving social change- isn’t it time that people grow-up and realize how misguided this is? And, isn’t it time to start treating people who promote violence as the real enemies of the movement?”

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Autisms champion

 Last spring my autistic son and his classmates were herded down a street with blockers by school staff.It ended up in all the papers and news.We were shocked and horrified but the real shock came later when we realized that very few people came to our aid Just the local mpp and blogger Greg Renouf

This was a grave violation of human rights but nobody would listen as our kids were vilified in the press as monsters and people who had no right to an education Greg Renouf constantly wrote on the issue and was there at Queens Park as Bill 102 was read for the second time This is a bill to ban such blockers

My son Boris is part aboriginal and has used both first nations and autism support services since early childhood.He has faced many challenges in his life but didnt deserve to be publically humilated and called the worst of names 

Greg Renouf stoody by this family when we had hardly any support and helped to build the fight against the blockers which culminated in the bill .Nobody from any progressive group or party was their in my boys struggle and thats to their shame 

Autism is also a nation,a community and it has those that report and speak when its needed We found a hero in Greg who wasnt afraid to go against herd mentality He is not dangerous but he will shed light on dark areas and areas that must be examined And that is the job of a good and ethical blogger .Ethics were missing in the case of my boy and the other autistic kids in Simcoe County only cruelty and cowardice were being served out by the school board,politicians and the media .Greg took a stand for human rights and I will never forget him for that He took a stand for my Boris who is helpless 


I'm Sure

I'm sure that many of the most horrible people that we know throughout history have been nice to certain people around them, it really doesn't change what they are doing, does it?

I really don't see Greg's behaviour as being much different here, than a cop who gives a homeless person a blanket in front of a corporate media camera, and comes back the next week with a crew of city workers to ticket the homeless man and throw all his stuff (including the blanket) into a city dump truck!!!!

Hi Connie. Thanks for your

Hi Connie.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that it sure looked like Greg might be a decent human being who was expressing his support for you and your son. But, realistically, like most things Greg does, it was almost certainly something else entirely, something to further his revenge narrative because, ultimately, everything he writes is to attack someone else, not to further actual causes.

In your case, Greg just wanted to attack OPSEU. OPSEU is a public sector union that, in part, Greg blames for his explusion from Occupy Toronto because, in his conspiracy theory, he believes OPSEU (among others) was secretly running the show at Occupy. In fact, if you look at Renouf's site, virtually all the articles "about" autism are really just veiled jabs at OPSEU. Greg has rarely, if ever, blogged or tweeted about autism without attacking either OPSEU or Simcoe County District School Board, which is under OPSEU. He used the legitimate, serious struggle of parents like yourself as an opportunistic springboard to attack one of his favorite targets. Look at his writing before and since: before the issue with OPSEU and padded protective gear, had Renouf touched on autism at all? And since? Any follow-up, any action, anything at all beyond his snide digs at a union on his blog? Nope. He doesn't care about anything; the man has no principles or beliefs beyond his absurd obsessions and conspiracies. The man is strictly an opportunist. He thought he might drive some pageviews by writing about autism that week and, as his posting history shows, he quickly abandoned his concern for children with autism in favor of writing about anarchists and unions again.

And there are lots of people who Greg would probably consider enemies who actually do deeply care about the struggles of autistic kids and their parents in a world that provides inadequate funding, resources and support to you and your son. Scratch the surface a bit and you'll find lots of people (disability activists, psychiatric survivors, anti-poverty activists, educators, health care workers, etc) who are working together to put more focus on autism. Unlike Greg, they aren't in it for attention or retweets and the progress is slow, but, trust me, there are people who share your perspective and aren't scumbag opportunists like Renouf.

Solidarity to you and your son. I hope you can see through Greg for what he really is.

The proof is in the pudding

The proof is in the pudding at least he was there to help -- which is more than can be said about the fake do-gooders of occupy and the unions.

Gotta question your reading

Gotta question your reading comprehension there hoss. Greg wrote a bunch of articles smack-talking OPSEU, which only incidentally dealt with autistic children. He flogged that horse for a while and abandoned it, with no substantial writing on autism before or since. No follow-up, no action, no commitment: here one day, gone the next, despite the issue pressing on. Greg actually, arguably, exploited this woman and her son, just to take some shots at OPSEU. That makes him praiseworthy? You either have some seriously twisted priorities or you need to go back to grade 6 and take some reading tests. 

Also: do-gooders? Are you on some Snidley Whiplash shit or what? Are you a cartoon villain? lol

lol still doesn't distract

lol still doesn't distract from the fact that those on the left were nowhere to be found, perhaps they were a little too busy doing the biddings of the unions?

So, by "nowhere to be found"

So, by "nowhere to be found" in relation to what i just said, you mean that the left didn't crassly exploit this woman and her son and their legitimate demands for better care in order to score points on some internet vendetta? Yeah, i'd agree with that. Surprisingly honest of you, actually.


you're funny.  You should do comedy...

we pleaded for help

We pleaded for help from progressive people to look into the blocker issue and were rebuffed on all sides by the union,ndp mpps,media ll sorts and we were alone The kids suffered in Barrie and nobody stood up for them .It is something I will remember I went to rabble even and was refused 

Nobody would help us This issue has made me very cynical of so called progressives I wish I knew their logic behind not supporting those kids.The leader of the union local called my son a monster and shouldnt be in school I have that in a document Later she resigned to go elsewhere I think its because she shamed the union dressing all in black and weilding big blockers at a public rally.

Disabled people in  OPSEU were horrified but were told to shut up Im sorry but how do you explain this,this lack of concern about these kids 

Look at the whole picture

Connie, one good deed doesn't excuse 100 bad ones.

Dumbass who posted this article

You sound an awful lot like Curtis Nixon, of the Indignants (the ignorants).


I hope you used tor for this because if not your ip will have been logged, and you will probably wind up getting traced by the cops.


Make no mistake, this is a threat of violence and more by an occutard.  That is called treason, as revolution by violence is considered as such.  I believe the RCMP is getting a call, hope you have and used the skills to cover your tracks otherwise, my highest hope is that you rot in jail forever.


This is also evidence that is going into my evidence pile, since you referenced the whole doug christy affair, this particular posting paints things quite thoroughly with regards to the co-ordinated attacks people such as the blogging coward that wrote this, while hiding his identity.


People are not scared of your threats they are more scared of what happens if you get your political agenda passed as the physical consequences will likely be worse otherwise.  This is how sick communist subverters operate.

This article reads like a death threat, at the very minimum a threat of violence and harassment.

Moi? Non!!

LOLZ!!!  Ryan, why do you continue?  I see you've been turfed from WACko's...gotta say, seems to me you've got an anger problem.  And you hate that people are actually trying to make a difference.  Yet you fail to understand the reasons, nor comprehend the issues very well.  As for me writing this, I wish I could take credit.  Ignorance is bliss ain't it?

I got turfed for having a

I got turfed for having a beef with the flat earther leadership of josh, and to be blunt I never needed the group nor have I gotten much from them because they are not capable of any sort of organization. The poor leadership keeps the group at a primitive level discussing topics like vinny's ahubasca trip and ancient aliens.

I'm all for having an open mind and providing a forum for it but I am not for the giant waste of time on rubbish. Hence why I'll stick with the group that provides invaluable research rather than one that cannot provide anything but ineffectual results.

Speaking of ineffectual results, I see occupy is still at it, lol. I'd say there's 10 times the educated individuals in it but I do not see even 10 times the results of wac vic. In my opinion they are both a waste of time because the leadership is poor and has agenda.

In the case of wac vic, a leader with a political career, whom I am expecting will try to run in may with the pc's, should pick where his loyalties lie, as leader of wac vic, or as a politician.

Also I find both groups to be morally reprehensible, always worried about image and pr management.

Do you really want to know how much wac vic backs each other up? Not much and it's hilarious that occupy is having so much trouble with them, given their level of organization.

Rest assured Greg this was

Rest assured Greg this was not intended as a death threat, it's pretty funny that that's how you take it!

Does this mean that you do not have a life if you are not harassing people on the internet?

Rest assured it is a threat

Rest assured it is a threat of some sort, it isn't even veiled, and "death threat" is not out of the realm since your article indicated a whole range of things from violence to more.  This makes your whole cause look bad, which is probably why inspite of all that union funding and rebranding it is still floundering.

More Occupy Bias and censorship


Greg has just called the Bullshitters on some of their BS and its easy to see they way they handle it is with personal attacks and by censoring Greg and the rest of us if its not in line with the "occupy leaders" agenda. 

I don't agree with everything Greg says but I know he will not censor me or anyone else like Occupy. Occupy leaders in many places like Vancouver have promoted hate, racism and sexism from day 1. Greg and many others like myself have been attacked and banned from many of the mainstream Occupy pages. Ie Occupy Canada and 2x Occupy Vancouver.

I can tell you my push for equality has been the biggest obstacle I cant even believe the hostility when all I am advocating is all people be treated equal. I have seen Greg as an ally and a friend to the real occupy movement YOU KNOW the "leaderless" one LOL  because the Occupy with all the money and and resources is not occupy it is First Nations groups radical men hating feminist and socialists. 

Anyway I like Greg this article is Crap


Just want to be sure I do not agree with Greg on many things but I totally back him in his right to say and thing anything he wants.

No surprise

The subject of this blog, Greg Renouf loves to harass women online.  He's teamed up with AVFM (a mysoginist MRA group) to further that end.

And here comes the part that's no surprise: Jason Wettisen, who also harasses women online, and helped organize the event starring Doug Chrisite has now leapt to his defence.

You two were made for eachother.

Excuse me, as far as I know

Excuse me, as far as I know jason wettstein did not help organize the "occupy solutions rally" so fail on your part medic. Man I hate how you people just make stuff up whenever it suits you and your pr management, do you seriously think people buy your rubbish?

more lies

More lies and BS completely fabricated typical Occupy stradagy to make demonize people with lies and creat fake agumenst esentially arguing with your selves. 

I stand corrected

Ok, Jason, credit where credit is due. I got you confused in my mind with Ryan Elson, from Victoria.  Probably because you're both angry nutbars. HE was involved in organizing the neo-nazi crap.  You, on the other hand just rant about occutards and abuse your tennants.  You know, the people you rent to? 
If you want to keep pushing your BS online, I can do a blog about how you've abused your past renters, I know a couple of them personally.


LOL yeah you have world class friends



Only tenant I had problems with was Maria the junkie with the breast feeding baby yeah I am sure you know her. She also had the exact same problems from her previous 2 landlords and her x we have affidavits from one of them well her x .

Go right ahead write your story with all the bullshit you write no one believes anything you say anyway.

I testified at court for the father because that junky sits in the basement the 4 year old baby cant talk because her is so fucked up from that junkie.

The nut job swore and yelled at my 5 year old girl and her friend in front of the friends mother and on camera Police were even called on her. We had to have the nut job evicted and last saw her she was putting her thing in storage and living in a tent and thats your friend. Sprayed my kids pet rabbits with pepper spray and we had to have the basement professionally cleaned the filth her and that poor child were living in.

but hey don't ask we can share photos and videos and if she wants to go there we can call child protective services and hand the shit over to them. Certainly couldn't be worse then that poor boy living with that abusive junkie.

Further that scamming welfare and disability for some BS accident 

So if by abuse you mean I did not apove of the filth condeming the basment of my home or the 247 drugs whilst breast feeding and the yelling and swearing at my 6 year old sure and I yealed and swore back sure guilty I only wish I could have saved that poor little boy and hopefully the father wins but as unjust as the courts are I hold little hope.


yeah you have world class friends

Mathew Kagis


were practically neighbors 

I havent seen you around I would recognize this malnourished boddy with the red nose anywhere

you were the same asshole that hygacked the Occupy Group or one of them and banned anyone that didnt want to agree with you and that school teacher sister of yours.

You still have all this hate on even a year later all because we made you and Dana look silly 

Point is you are a massive fan of Gregs and it shows you have invested as much time hating him it could only be love

creepy bitter girl

for those that dont know the melnourised Mathew's sister world famous LOL


Glad I got the popcorn... The only thing you got right was my name, which is par for the course.  But please... Continue...

Independent From News


everything I said is true whats not? Dana is your sister, you are obsessed with Greg, your friend is breast feeding a five year old while she is on drugs every day.... but here I am totally digressing to your level just gossip and slander how you can even claim to be Independent News is beyond anyone with a ounce of intelligence your tagline should be "Independent From News"

this really is useless it is identical useless banter that was all on Occupy page last year you and you hating Greg is old news certainly not something of any substance and worthy of subscribing to. You know like pipelines and corrupt banks your excuse for ignoring real issues is always but Greg is Great you hate Greg so much you are his evil twin its laughable. I keep thinking there has to be some logic and you will get it but it seems I have been wrong and wasted my time saddens me it really does. boo hoo :(

Keep going...

Oh, keep it up...  You can't tell one woman from another, but that's ok.  Greg had (and has) a thing for hating all women too.


lame spin from a moron you're just hiding in denial Matthew


you can not add anything to this all you do is dismiss and spin its beyond lame your tactics. 

its like you are a learning disabled 12 year old in practice for parliament certainly not believable. 

I hate no one not even you, saying it over and over may help you with your misplaced anger and validate joseph Goebbels. I have had a long standing and consistent track record advocating equality for women and people as a whole. I have almost 1 million views a month with my pages and even my design business has more traffic then Vancouver Media  Chicken Coop. So at least when I edit down your little package of lies and out you I will have an audience not like you and your lame page. I don't just talk I deliver my food independence activism amounts to real changes and is quickly growing globally. You and your sister are nothing but clowns having done nothing but raise angst and hostilities with nothing but your own personal vendetta to back your cover stories. Your article is weak but your comments shrouded in misplaced anger and lies you need some hugs and love and if this is how you compensate for all this lonely days I feel sorry for you.

You idiots pretend to be activists but if all you are doing is fighting Greg and me you are exactly all the things you say you hate about him. 

Any one that actually reads your posts and mine can see you are laden with lies, ignoring facts and spinning bullshit not addressing any rebuttals to your lies and accusations. How can you think of your self as a Journalist you are practically illiterate and all you have displayed is childish fiction so far certainly not grounded in reality.

Typical response from you seems to be more lies and denial never any facts and never any truths.

I imagine when you get sued it will yield very little in compensation all you have of value is that clown suit your photo and your clown suit hanging on someones Greg's wall may be enough compensation for him LOL Myself I think the best payback for your slander is that everyone that reads your comments cans see what a fool your are.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  joseph Goebbels (Matthews a big fan apparently)

and the winner is..

So, ya just invoked Godwin's Law.  We have now come to the point of the absurd, as nothing will get solved online now.  Thx jason.  ur the one who did it.  You invoked the we're all gonna pay.

oh, and the ableism is nice...

yup.  cuz we really need to compare what you fallaciously believe, to marginalized people...classy...

you are an idiot Curtis

all your posts prove you an idiot


oh right...cuz I invoked goodwin...right...u mra's are all alike.  why u hate on women's rights?  and i'm only in it for the lulz.  guess you haven't figured that out yet.  to bad.  so, when u GUYZ gonna stop promoting hatred of the other?

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   

i love when people call me an idiot

it just proves that instead of coherant argument, you've lost touch with reality.  You mra's need to fix your distortions...

good you are an idiot ENJOY!

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   

Curtis the Idiot

If anyone has any doubt about what a piece of crap scum bag hypocrite you are Curtis all the have to do is read your hate filled post and compare to your blunder on RT

Yeah I am the comedian sure I am and here is the best joke I have told all day

Best Video EVER>>>

will you guys just die already?!?

at first reading of his blog, I thought to myself, this greg guy is a dickhead. but then along came the harsha brigade. first you slanderous jackasses side-track the entire occupy toronto movment for months on end with this utter bullshit. and now, practically *years* later, you're still at it?? get a fucking life already! at first I was actually supportive of harsha walia and the bulk of her ideas, but after watching her crew of sycophant's destroy the little hope for occupy toronto to achieve any real change, I gotta say, I no longer have the least respect for her or her friends. you guys are a bunch of low life scum. just go off someplace and die already. besides, I can guarantee you wouldn't be calling anyone goof to their face or else you'd get a shank in the kidney. but not to worry, you can hide behind the internet like the shit for brains cowards you are. you fucktards give the real activists a bad name.

speaking of hiding...

A) so nice of you to post your REAL NAME while accusing others of cowardice.

B) Harsha Wallia was never involved with Occupy TO or Occupy Vaqncouver for that matter.  She must be one powerful woman to be able to destroy a movement she had no part in from the other side of the country.

C) I've called Greg far worse things to his face, and begged him to send his lawyers out to get me (Which he threatened literally dozens of times)... Still no lawyers. His only response has been to block me on all forms of social media and continue to harass women.  Greg is a liar and a fucking coward.


Full Stop.

Harsha was definitely Occupy Vancouver organizer

Harsha was definitely Occupy Vancouver organizer 

I have letters from the organizers and she was always included


when and if

I ever see greg, or ryan, or larry, i'll have no problems calling them goofs to their face...greg i'll probably meet eventually, and larry would be great to meet again.  btw who's the coward now?

Low rent


How is calling someone a coward a measure of anything, really maybe if you hurled less insults and talked you may find this feud less about hate and more about love.

if you don't like someone chances are you don't know them well enough I bet you would all be a lot kinder in person cowardess aside I bet most of your angst originates with insecurity and low rent in Moms garage.

Like? and ryan should do a comedy duo...  This has nothing to do with liking anyone, and everything to do with a dangerous individual who does nothing but attack.

  You people are dangerous I


You people are dangerous I have had death threats, My rabbits poisoned, we had have had books of slander and endless prank calls. We don't even let our daughter answer the phone because the last man hater that called said your daddy hates women really Ava was 5 at the time.

Mike Henderson published my address and called me a racist and everyone knows thats a joke I have fought for equality and been all about food independence for years always advocating for the underdog further that I am part First Nations, and Bisexual. I was told I was a white man and should not be heard that I was a fagot and a evil man. I was afraid to bring my daughter with me to Occupy because of threats. I will never forget Occupy people mic with all this people screaming that a white man should not be aloud to talk for every 3 minorities and they actually agreed to this it was only after me and a bunch of other including Greg publicly humiliated them and sent letters to media that the recanted. Then proceeded to deny deny deny.

Myself I raise my own food, grow most of it and and working to get off the grid. I have no Bank, no credit union and I pay no Tax you can talk all the shit you want but thats all it is is shit. The personal attacks only mean you have no real argument and all that you stand for is a lie. 

One really need look no further then these 2 pages to see how low brow you people are I will never for get my 5 year old girl crying because of one of you childish mean spirited jerks. To be honest I think it was Mathews sister Dana. The police have the number of the death threat the idiot forgot to block my call turns out the guys a friend of Mike Henderson's the small time wannabe big dope dealer

I would personally go head to head with any of you malnourished degenerates but the fact that you would target 5 year old girl really has me worried.

No Greg is harmless it you people that I worry about I would rather keep the banking scum and the crown then whatever king of circus you dictators want.

u funny....

lolz... I would never target a 5 year old.  No one I know would ever do that kind of thing.  You're lies are telling.  and who's scum now?  oh right, the asshole who harrasses women and calls the cops on activists.



I never said you did Curtis I said that people within occupy did and that Mathews friend Maria did.

I have police records, phone records, the callers phone number witness and police file I also have video of Mathews friend swearing at a 5 year old and we have mutable whiteness my story is true and anyone that doubts it is welcome to see all of the above. 

I have never been outed as a liar and I NEVER LIE. You people have made up lies and attacked me only because I respect Greg's right to free speech thats all this is here if you slandering and attacking me because I think you people are throwing up lies and personal attacks as I have seen time and time again from Occupy.

I have never harassed women and I have never called the police on activist not even your imaginary wannabe ones

Like I said if anyone reads what I wrote they can see its true you keep attacking me for no reason and with no facts to back your slander against me.

here's your proof goof

"I would personally go head to head with any of you malnourished degenerates but the fact that you would target 5 year old girl really has me worried."

That's a lie.  Liar.  pants on fire...
more than a lie.  borders on libel and defamation...something you goofs seem to enjoy....

are you learning disabled


are you learning disabled 

That was not directed at you unless your were part of the group that assaulted my 5 year old daughter.

wut? sorry

you still talking?  by the way, I treat everything that those who are supporting greg, with the same filter.  in one ear, out the other...GIGO. :D
Given that there's more than enough evidence of gregs sociopathology, that I couldn't help but wonder if the people coming to his defense are not similarily afflicted...

Greg who? you were insulting me


You are insulting me, you are lying about me and you are making shit up entirely just so you can attack me. To say you give no credence to what I have said seems to ring true as you continue to behave as if you have not read a thing certainly not just my posts all of them and then later accuse people of being under educated seemingly projecting yourself yet again.

Anyone that reviews whats been said can see this to be true and all you do is repeat lies backed up with no facts at all, no names, no dates, and no reason.

I defend Greg's right to say anything he wants and from what I have seen much of its been justified. Your slanderous lies and attacks on me only further my point that you people are far more dangerous the way you are acting takes us back to witch burning.

Greg has it wrong you are not an Anarchist I am an anarchist you are an ochlocratic hooligan 


no, if I was lying and being slanderous I'd say something along the lines of "witless exhibits the same characteristics as a pedophile"  or "witless molests little children"  that would be libel tho...not slander...get your crimes right...sheesh, you'd make a great pig.  they don't know the law either...

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