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Greg Renouf: Dangerous Reactionary

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Greg Renouf
Greg Renouf

Blogger Greg Renouf has been a terrible annoyance and worse to revolutionaries and activists across Turtle Island since at least December 2011 when he was called out publicly for harassing an activist about Occupy Vancouver even though that particular activist was hardly ever at the encampment. He has since moved to Toronto where he has engaged in a more long-term campaign of slander, harassment, and conspiracy theories about the “tides funded” “treason” of what he sees as the left.

This is a callout for awareness, in the hopes that someone can shut him down in whatever capacity possible on the internet or wherever. It should also not be taken lightly that he is fairly tech-savvy.

I realize that there are more important things in the world to be writing about, and that some may even find his accusations and conjecture rather amusing (I know I have at times), but he actually represents a very real danger to many peoples lives. From reading his blog, it would appear that an anarchist comrade in Toronto has already been arrested and charged with an apparent assault, as a result of his cape-fear-esque obsession with individuals involved in radical social movements in so-called “Canada”.

The man is a dangerous right-wing reactionary and his accusations often have racist overtones. One very telling example came last March when No One Is Illegal held a march against racism on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. The march is held yearly against individual and systemic racism, and was being held on Commercial Drive that year because of a string of racist attacks in the area by members of a group named Blood and Honour. Renouf’s response was to attack an organizer from the group for their stance on Diversity of Tactics and charge them with reverse racism because they pointed out the racist implications of authoritarians and pacifists telling people what they could do or not do when they fight against capitalist society with its myriad of oppressions such as racism.

Another good example was when he backed up We Are Change Victoria a right-wing “libertarian” group for a demonstration they organized that had Doug Christie as a speaker. He does not in any way voice opposition to Doug Christie who as a lawyer has a long history of defending fascists, Nazis, and various holocaust deniers. Instead he goes into a redscare-like “beware the bolshivek menace” type rant about an organizer of the counter demonstration.

It is also quite telling his obsession with what he perceives as the left and similarities to the white power movement with its “rock against communism” as a response to “rock against racism” concerts.

Below I’ll let him speak for himself (in one of his latest postings) to show his absurd theories of a unified left, and his disgusting legalistic authoritarian arguments intended to whip up fear and hysteria against everyone from anarchists in a black bloc, to random university students

Most amusing of all perhaps is his assertion that the "anti-olympic movement" suddenly fell off a cliffs edge as a result of the Heart Attack demonstration on Feb 13th 2010. He clearly had no involvement in the movement and apperantly has no idea of the reason that there were thousands of people on the streets for the oppening of the Olympics and no time later. Because it was the only mass demonstration organized during the convergence! Masses of people don't just fall out of the sky and fly back into outer space because of some public image they like or don't like, it takes organizing! The capability of anticapitalist movements to mobilize people, and the autonomy that certain sections of the movement show is clearly something that threatens Renouf, and this is becoming dangerous for many people in these movements :

“It’s no secret now that Canadian activist movements have a problem with violence. Every major activist event in the past few years has been stained by violent acts- the 2010 Olympics, G20, the student fees protests in Quebec. Yet, despite the fact such violence very few activists have dared to speak-out. People who have, like peace activist Derrick O’Keefe, have ended-up being publically slaughtered. I can attest to that fact, having been on the receiving end of the abuse after standing-up against violence in the Occupy movement.

There are many leaders in activist communities who have been actively promoting the use of violent tactics. Some of the more prominent pro-violence activists I’ve written about include Harsha Walia (who O’Keefe and I were harshly attacked by), Alex Hundert, Julian Ichim, and Franklin Lopez. Pro-violence activists preach a gospel that it’s not only acceptable, but necessary to achieve societal change.

It’s hard to guess these people’s intentions, that should be left to the courts. But we can look at the results of previous activist violence and quickly realize it’s only had negative results. We can also ask the question of what would motivate people to promote such unproductive behaviour- are they simply unable to comprehend reality, or are some people intentionally leading activists down a path of self-destruction?

Let’s first look at the reality of the ineffectiveness of violent protest in Canada. One of the best examples is the 2010 Olympics where there were two major type of protesters- the ‘usual suspects’ of the anti-everything activist community, and then there was a large crowd of average middle-class folk who were unhappy having to carry the burden of the Olympic debt. The moment the violent faction began smashing-up the (American owned) Hudson Bay Company (in the name of anti-colonialism) the 100′s of average folk made a beeline back to the suburbs.

It was widely thought the protesters could have effectively shut-down the Olympics until that point…

Outside of scaring-away potential allies, and helping justify the building of a police state, there’s a more important reason to reject the use of violence. After reading through the Canadian Criminal Code (things one does when locked-in the house on a snow day) it appears that violence is the best possible tactic to kill an activist movement.

Have a look at section 2(a) of article 46 the Criminal Code:

(2) Every one commits treason who, in Canada,

(a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province;

So, basically, anyone who uses violence while calling for a revolution is technically committing treason! When Julian Ichim chants it’s ‘time to pick up a gun’, or when Harsha Walia said that Black Bloc is “about breaking windows, but not about breaking windows” what they are doing is counselling people to commit treason. Treason is a serious crime- get charged with that, and you’re unlikely to be marching in next year’s May Day march.

Now have a look at section’s 2(c) & 2(d):

(c) conspires with any person to commit high treason or to do anything mentioned in paragraph (a);

(d) forms an intention to do anything that is high treason or that is mentioned in paragraph (a) and manifests that intention by an overt act; 

One doesn’t have to commit an act of violence to be charged with treason. All it takes is to be caught conspiring to be violent. The law is very clear on this- if your activism is focussed on using violence to overthrow the capitalist system, and you get caught, there’s a possibility you will be put away behind bars for a very long time.

Outside of using violence, there’s only one other scenario where it’s illegal to try and overthrow the government- when a person decides to work with a foreign government to achieve that task. This must be particularly troubling for people like PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney, who’s been broadcasting anti-government propaganda on behalf of the Iranian government. This is covered in section 1:

(c) assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.

Beyond the use of violence, and collaborating with a foreign enemy, there don’t appear to be any other sections in the Criminal Code that deem it illegal to try and overthrow the government. It’s perfectly legal to (peacefully) gather people to protest and demand change. It’s legal to run for government and make change yourself. It’s also legal to lobby and communicate with political leaders (and fellow citizens) in an effort to overthrow the government. You’re just not allowed to use violence to achieve your goal.

So, regardless of their intentions- activist leaders who promote the use of violence are leading people down the one path that justifies the government to use force against their movements. If one had the intention to destroy the activist community, I couldn’t think of a better way to accomplish it.

The government knows this too- why else do you think the Quebec provincial police risked getting caught when they send provocateurs during the Montebello summit? They did it because they they knew it was the fastest path they could have to justifying a crack-down on the protesters.

As I’ve said, it’s impossible to know what’s going-on in the minds of the people promoting the use of violence- but, does it really matter what their intention is? The result is, and will continue to be, that each time violence is used, social & environmental justice movements end-up taking a step backwards. Then there are the individuals whose lives are destroyed- and more often than not, it’s the rank & file who end up in jail, not the leaders.

Violence is the one single issue that has the potential to kill people’s hope of achieving social change- isn’t it time that people grow-up and realize how misguided this is? And, isn’t it time to start treating people who promote violence as the real enemies of the movement?”

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I'm glad Greg helped you in some way - you're lucky. But can you accept that he's also hurt a number of people by lying about them or distorting their views and has done so for no good reason? Your positive experience doesn't cancel out the hurt he's done to others and just because he was right with the blockers or right on Kevin Annett doesn't make him any less wrong on everything else he says that makes up 90% of his "work". 

this is what I see in gregs future

"I will not see him abused and slandered by the same old crowd of progressives who have little regard for the rights and well being of small people "

oh really?  I'm sorry, but the man is stalker, misogynist, how hangs out with informants and others who do nothing but work to "expose" people.  People who are only doing the best they can with the tools they have, to make things better for all of us.

As for your story, well, good for greg.  maybe he's not a sociopath.





thats exactly what a sociopath would do, in order to have a good back story.   Have people in his past come out and support him, because he's done good things.  Well, so did hitler.  And charlie manson made good music.  So, we should support people no matter what??  Or should we take a look at the facts, and realize that you're not helping anything.  If all you ever do is attack attack attack, then 

"Greg examines complicated issues and writes as he finds It may not be pretty but its not fairy tales"

goof gathers superficial information that anyone could get with a simple google search(and sometimes it takes him months to find something really easy. he's not a good web guy..doesn't know google that well apparently) and then uses what little info he can find, to draw a web of conspiracy, that plainly doesn't exist.  if you believe otherwise, well, could I inquire how the koolaid tastes?

So you think that people should follow around the "leaders" of social movements, harrass them AT WORK, AT SCHOOL, CALLS THEIR FUCKING BOSSES????  

It doesn't matter what he may or may not have done in the past(any proof you could show me would be online, so unless it comes from a decent source, I'll happily call bullshit, even if it is truth.  Because more than likely, he had ulterior motives for helping you.  He could do a lot more, but he doesn't.  He could go after the problem instead of causing activist's harm.  fuck him. and if you want to support him, well, lets just say that I fucking disagree.  Strongly.
oh, and hammer, greg, fuck you very much goofs. larry and ryan too. :D <3

Harsha hate warms my toes


seems to be just as many attacks on Greg as there are attacks from Greg at least he is consistent on who he is attacking and why. Misandry Activists like Harsha also advocating violence yes I am glad Greg is harassing her it warms my toes.

Who else? What other poor helpless Activist is he after? Certainly Not Matthew I mean is everyone with a sucky bitch and moan WordPress site now an activist or a journalist? 

The occutards are consistent

The occutards are consistent with whom they attack. The common thread is: THEIR CRITICS

Quite literally all of them!

I'm glad I don't give 2 flying fucks about what misogynist's say

now go somewhere else and be irrelevant.


flying fucks


flying fucks are rare you definitely want to hold on to them. Dumb fucks how ever like the few posting here and the author of the article these are all to common. Most places just throw away dumb fucks.  Not sure  Vancouver Media Co-ops business model but I suspect they are going after the enormous dumb fuck market certainly not in character for a dumb fuck to have had such a good idea. I think there must be a smarter fuck at play here.'re a regular're a regular should start giggin...

what of my day job

I would have to give up my day job stalking stalkers and shit talkers

meh next life maybe 

so, you're stalking greg now right?

cuz if you're stalking stalkers....

yes I am OMG YES I AM


eeeewww you is good..... I am stalking Greg! brilliant! you are a mutha'fucking articulated abstract genius

Vancouver Media Coop & Harsha


Funny how this is portrayed as an alternative no bias media source when it really is nothing but a collection of juvenile misfits and idiots obviously with ties to Harsha as she is first post I see on your facebook page one might even think you work for her the way you go after Greg. I mean collect mutable welfare cheques and work a under the table part time just to have enough time to go after Greg now that is funny!

sorry what?

ok, well if you're gonna play that card....I hear gregs collecting welfare too... oh did I mention the bankrupcy shit he's going through right now?  Really seems like greg has more important things to do than attack activist's, like maybe getting a job....


so some where you must have me confused with someone who cares about his personal life?

NOPE thats you children not me! I just care about his right to say what he wants just as you have the right. If all he does is talk shit kinda like you then he will have zero credibility like you and then whats the problem. Just like I dont really care that you lie your ass off as you have about me because the only people reading this rag is you and a handful of other useless degenerates.

oh sorry

were you talking again?

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   

are you sure

that you're not a white power goof?  because you're starting to sound like one...same type of bullshit arguments, can't string 2 words along coherantly, endlessly repeating the same shit over and over again....jason, it's ok, we all know who the real idiot is..

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   


fantastic article.

fuck ya!

Greg Renouf should seek professional help. Also, maybe paid informant, who knows. The asshats at CSIS will pay any psychopath.

Greg is representative of much of what is wrong with our society. It is a gift to see it in action and learn from these experiences. Unfortunately, our community suffers from it.

Especially visable and non visable minorities and marginalized peoples.

He attacked me for getting involved and attempting to bring to light how fucked we all are - including me. That was very out of line - since I never mentioned a ill word about him or to him - until he did that. Then more and more really unhealthy shit he was up to kept coming to the surface here in Vancouver and then out in Toronto. (2 giant fucked parking lots of colonialism and capitalism)

Make no bones. The activist community in this colony is quite fucked. However, it is still better than the mainstream koolaid drinking sheeople. Even have hope they too can unplug from the shit show.

I will be on tour this spring and maybe even come in contact with some of you lovely people on this thread - even some of you asshat patriarchy lovin' greg renouf fans.

See ya in da streets.

"Until all of us are free, the few who think they are, remain tainted with enslavement."

Salish Sea Collective

First Nations and Feminist/Misandry Activists and Special Int...


Yeah every one remembers you and your white male hate. No whites aloud to talk at occupy was your strategy for balance. You fight equality because you and your First Nations and Feminist/Misandry Activists and Special Interest Groups. Tami's group wants to be the new owners of Canada replace the ruling elites where my struggle is to have all the ruling class and land owners eliminated. I want equality for all that is my struggle but Tami and her Group want to be the the new kings they want to get their power on the backs of others. These idiots only hand power to the crown and government when they recognize them at all. First Nations should join with all the disenfranchised people of the world including white men included all as equals. There is a momentum First Nations groups could easily capture if they were just inclusive and less about land claims and exclusion of evil white men. Many First Nations agree with me but just to many like Tami living in the past wanting revenge Yeah but Tami and her group have no interest in equality she and her group I worry about more then even Greg. Like I said I dont agree with Greg nor do I support him as you people keep saying I only support his right to free speech as I do yours and I would even come to the defense of Tami if some one were trying to silence her. People communicating when the dis agree is how we move forward not shutting up opposition and banning them like Tami and her friends have done to me. 

I hate to repeat my self but we know how you people don't read anything ant this post is related:

You people are dangerous I have had death threats, My rabbits poisoned, we had have had books of slander and endless prank calls. We don't even let our daughter answer the phone because the last man hater that called said your daddy hates women really Ava was 5 at the time.

Mike Henderson published my address and called me a racist and everyone knows thats a joke I have fought for equality and been all about food independence for years always advocating for the underdog further that I am part First Nations, and Bisexual. I was told I was a white man and should not be heard that I was a fagot and a evil man. I was afraid to bring my daughter with me to Occupy because of threats. I will never forget Occupy people mic with all this people screaming that a white man should not be aloud to talk for every 3 minorities and they actually agreed to this it was only after me and a bunch of other including Greg publicly humiliated them and sent letters to media that the recanted. Then proceeded to deny deny deny.

Myself I raise my own food, grow most of it and and working to get off the grid. I have no Bank, no credit union and I pay no Tax you can talk all the shit you want but thats all it is is shit. The personal attacks only mean you have no real argument and all that you stand for is a lie. 

One really need look no further then these 2 pages to see how low brow you people are I will never for get my 5 year old girl crying because of one of you childish mean spirited jerks. To be honest I think it was Mathews sister Dana. The police have the number of the death threat the idiot forgot to block my call turns out the guys a friend of Mike Henderson's the small time wannabe big dope dealer

I would personally go head to head with any of you malnourished degenerates but the fact that you would target 5 year old girl really has me worried.

No Greg is harmless it you people that I worry about I would rather keep the banking scum and the crown then whatever king of circus you dictators want.

events in Barrie

t doesn't matter what he may or may not have done in the past(any proof you could show me would be online, so unless it comes from a decent source, I'll happily call bullshit, even if it is truth.  Because more than likely, he had ulterior motives for helping

Curtis if you are claiming the events in Barrie did not take place you are a complete idiot as they are in the media and even recorded in Hansard in Queens park as Bill 102 was readYou are of the same ilk as the  union leader who dressed up like a stormtrooper while calling helpless kids monsters .Greg was there for us and I am 

standing behind him .You people scare me and your only interst is power and money that you get from bilking the poor in non profits 


Connie says: "I'll happily call bullshit, even if it is truth"

That pretty much says it all. 

sandbox arguments

sandbox arguments

its true, is not, is to, is not

you are assholes to me, you are amazing people to you, Greg is good person to Connie and he is an asshole for telling you you are not amazing 

truth is a relative term in some cases I am sure people that completely disagree are both telling the truth

I was posting what somebody else said

that was not my comment I was posting what somebody else said But your response is typical of the bully tactics of Kevin Annett.What I said is there is proof of the events in Barrie in Hansard and other reputable sources If you are confronted with truth you respond with a lie


your talking to me Connie? 

sorry it was for Curtis

No to Curtis

I would love to have a word

I would love to have a word with you connie. Henry tudor is autistic, I think you'd have a field day to see how our poster "zoe blunt" blogs about him. These people pretend care for power and money and political agenda. If they truly got what they wanted, this world would be hell on earth, especially for the homeless and autistic and sick, but even more so for able bodied people whom at some point will get just as fed up as I am with their bs.

Nothing would make me happier than to live in the middle of nowhere where I'd never be bothered by their politics and crappy socialization "gifts" riddled with burdens. The things they want socialized will be devistating when confronted with a callous, amoral governing body running such a system, resulting in a "life-lottery" where if you are lucky enough to not fall through the cracks it would be worth it. They can go ahead and live in their vertical cities but I for one will never stand for being economically forced to live in closer proximity to these fuckheads.

I love logic.

why do people always want to think I'm implying things I never implied?  bug off troll.  Go post your love of that sociopath somewhere else.  he's sick, and he needs help.  and if he continues, there's some out there that will hurt him.  please take that as a direct threat ryan, larry, or greg, i fucking dare you to call the piggies on me. you stupid twits.  they're just gonna look at you and say, "well, ya, he's right. there are people out there that want to hurt you.  Whaddaya want us to do about it? We can't protect you all the time.  Nor do we really care about an idiot who brings it upon himself"
I have never once threatened these idiots, yet they would like to claim otherwise.  Because I make predictions.  Accurate ones.

I say if you are going to

I say if you are going to issue a threat you may as well follow it through, so let's see what you got I am more than well aware the goals of the activistocrats writings is to induce things like dean fortin's window smashed, or to have doug christy assaulted on the steps of the court house, or to dawn black masks and riot.

Go for it send them because I watch my back well enough that if someone comes along they might hurt me, but i will take that person down with me.

Do me a favor, learn that I couldn't care less about your threats. Learn that I will do my thing until I am killed.

Also some learning for others, there is a trailor trash wedding I saw with curtis online, it is positively hilarious! I'll see if I can find and post, try not to piss yourself laughing at one of the saddest looking weddings ever!


my reply was directed at you because even if I showed you what good things Greg did and gave you proof you would not accept it If I showed you anything that does not fit into your world view you would reject it And about the arrest at Ryerson if somebody beat me and then I saw them in a public place I would also call the police so they could lawfully arrest the person.The word agent and operative is bandied around far too much and I think by their actions you will known them and all I see from you guys is disruption and conflcit

oh you mean the disruption

oh you mean the disruption and conflict cause by your good friend greg?  right...never would have cared about the man, until he started attacking those within the activist community.  I can disregard what you say, because my theory fits.  That's he's a sociopath.  Nothing I've ever seen from him, disaudes that belief, and only serves to reinforce it.

you just threatened him

so you Curtis are the sociopath If Greg is hurt in anyway I will give these posting over to the police He is my friend and I will defend him Im not scared of 2 bit anarchists 


wow, go right ahead.  I'm not one of those people who are willing to use violence against those who are using violence, but you won't see me stop them.  Nope, you'll see me cheering them on.  Because goofs who use the violence of the state against anyone deserve everything they get.  so go ahead, give those comments to pigs.  see how far that gets you.  I know what the fucking law is...too bad you dont.

and I just made a threat?

rEALLLY?, did you graduate high school?  or even grade 8?  Because apparently you have problems reading, so I would be amazed if you were able to string along 2 words to make a coherant sentance....

Good to see someone call out the trolls (internet or real life)

Some of you might remember me from my small part in helping Occupy Vancouver with tweets, email, livestream and forums.  I am just a normal BC guy, not an activist, writer, blogger.  I don't represent any company, organization, govt party, or union.

Many people of Occupy were/are just like me and wanted to make a difference and contribute our part.  Have intelligent discussions to maybe fix some of the things our elected officials are unwilling/unable to do.

There were a small handful of individuals like Greg that jumped in, pretending to be friendly like us but instead used this opportunity for any number of unknown reasons.  Most with a goal of tainting Occupy's image so that nobody new would join and people like me left.

So please everyone, don't feed these trolls any more.  They have already done enough damage.


I must say

you trolls have made this all quite interesting.  ryan and jason where's mr misogynist, the cop caller, and informant?  greg, cat got your tongue?  larry, I know you don't have anything better to are after all sitting in your mom's basement right now aren't you?  And hammer, I know you're watching this with glee.  Why don't you come join us?  Why not come to defend yourselves.  c'mon...ya know ya wanna.....

Oh right...because then you'd be subjected to the truth...that you're poison for the activist community, and that you really have no clue what you're doing.  Because, as I've said before, and I'll keep on saying, is all you fucks ever do is attack people.  "Expose" them...really quite laughable for the most part, except the parts where you actually harrass and stalk people.  You stupid goofs.  Seriously.  What the fuck crawled up your asses and died....oh right, I know that both greg and larry have had issues getting, much less keeping a female partner.  Did you guys date feminists?  Did they dump you because you were both fucking douchebags who didn't want to learn, and closed your minds to any thought of real compassion for the massive amount of damage done by men since the dawn of time.  Real women are hard eh?  Especially when all you've had before is a blowup doll...or so I've been told....both of you guys eh?  birds of feather I guess.

Curtis the Idiot

Activist community that is laughable

You consider your self an activist you and your sad collection of haters.

What have you done whats your contribution as an activist YOU? LAUGHABLE!

I dont support Greg I support his right to free speech and for that have been subject of your attacks and lies.

You are a jerk off Curtis a complete waste of time why would Greg need to defend himself against you and your 3 hater friends. the readership of this page is less them my chicken coop page its pitiful hardly worth anyones time.

I imagine Greg's not talking to you idiots because he is talking to a lawyer.

What a waste!


I keep saying you should be a
so, just go to gregs blog, and you'll see that his goals in life revolve around stalking activist's and calling the cops, calling cas, calling any authority figure on activists to cause trouble and using other tactics to cause division.  Fortunately, we know enough to warn people about this mentally ill behaviour.  He needs help, and apparently, so do you.

Free speech doesn't include the massive amount of libel he's plastered all over his site.  If you were actually all that intelligent you would see that.  But you're just another dumb goof.  And good for the goof.  I can't wait to counter suit.  Oh, right, but I'm ignorant of the law aren't you?  Go fuck yourself you stupid misogynistic piece of trash.  I'm sick in bed.  That's why I can comment here.. What's your excuse?  avfm.goofs paying ya?

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   

are you still talking?

geez man...grow up...get a life or're obsesive man...

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense your are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!   

jason jason jason....

why do you still type?  Are you going to the record for spam here?  The more you tell people I'm an idiot, the more of an idiot you look do realize this, don't you?  Oh, and unlike you, I've never lied.  You sound like your projecting there....  you really outta calm down, take a chill pill, and maybe go do something useful.  don't you have some tenents to harrass?


sorry, I meant something jumping off a cliff....

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense you are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!  

broken record

do you know what a broken record is?  one that skips and plays the same piece of a song over and over and over and over and over again?  right...that's, you misoginist twit, go troll elsewhere... and if people really want, they go over your own incoherant ramblings.

and people who can read

are generally annoyed with certainly don't help, I mean, with all the severe grammical errors in your prose.  A remedial english class might be in order...

Curtis the Idiot

All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense you are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!    

jason wittless is a


Curtis the Idiot


All you do is ignore everything said and post some irrelevant nonsense you are the mort irrational ignorant buffoon. Maybe you think this a strategy to lie over and over to avoid the truth its you that is the hater. None of your posts make any sense it obvious you are not reading or are un able to read but anyone that can read can see you Curtis you are an idiot!    


Saying the same thing over and over again doesn't make you right

If I'm such an idiot, why do you continue with the same insults...You could at least get creative.  You're boring.  I'm just enjoying watching your blood pressure rise because someone is actually paying attention to you.  You call me the hater? who's hating now?  You're just posting hateful comments about me, and I'm just laughing.  :D  you should get another hobby...

lemme guess

record skipped again?  How drole.  I know I said earlier that you should be a comedian, but seriously, I'm gonna have to take that back if you don't come up with something new soon....
At least I'm entertaining. :P  Anyone reading this thread is obviously going to know that Jason Wettstien is a fucking twit, who thinks it's ok to whine like a baby trying to get attention online.  Same as the fucking nazi goofs who like to comment on my shit occaisionally.  Gonna tell you the same shit I tell them.  stfu and go get your fucking diaper changed.  You're stinking up the room.

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