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Poem - Watch Your Back, Fucker

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photo courtesy of Tami Cosmic
photo courtesy of Tami Cosmic

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Watch Your Back Fucker

I have been atomized, harmonized, disconnected, unperfected, oft rejected, belated and mostly x-rated.  Spinning down, round, hitting bottom with a clang, damn...will I bounce back to the margins, bargin', soundin', rounding on the bullies, getting sullied, muddied, bloody.  Fuck I hope so, even though there is no hope, not with dickheads like you running the show, ignoring the rule of law and the rights of the citizenry, ignoring the rights of our mother and all her children in their myriad beauty.

Were you seduced by the profit margin, interest rate, speculating on our common inheritance like god, you you you...leave me breathless with your indifference to the plight of others, to their suffering, to the injustice suffered to give you your money, your status, your stuff, your nothing-things which mean less the more they cost...and to which you have no right having gained them by scrambling over the backs of your sisters, your brothers, and all our relations...

Are you a bureaucrat, oligarch, corporate king or queen, do you have a conscience you ignore as it might interfere with your own self-interest?  You are a waste of time and space, so don't waste mine with your bullshit, requirements for compliance and submission, you will never receive them...

Watch your back you shameless waste of human potential, receptacle for resources better used your back.  For the time is coming when you will not be able to eat your money, breathe your money, drink your money, snort your money, fuck your money...

Living creatures are not commodities, people are not units of production, I am not your profit margin.

Nope, you will never shut me up.  You cannot muzzle, silence, dominate, or "change my mind".  No I will not tone it down, keep it down, tiptoe around the topics that distress you, fucker.

No you will get it full volume, in the face, when you least expect it...

And I will fight for love.


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