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Gordon Campbell`s Soup

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Gordon Campbell`s Ripped -Up Contact Soup
Gordon Campbell`s Ripped -Up Contact Soup

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Thank you,Carol James and the N.D.P., for always maintaining your focus
on this crisis of public confidence in a shameful Liberal government
leader who is:

1. Not accountable to the electorate: legislature hardly sits
2. is obviously corrupt: eg. BC Rail scandal, H.S.T.

3. is inept in recognizing the necessity of addressing child poverty,and in

particular, not closing down public schools

4. misleading the poor when it comes to the $200 million for homelessness housing, and not raising the minimum wage

5. Obviously and totally afraid to face the N.D.P. in the legislature
because you are on the side of truth for all BCers, and he thinks he can
fool us yet again.Not.

We need true social democracy again,viable support from a strong,
ethical leader and party which inspires us to grow, and provides the
average BCer with the tools to face this horrible recession.

Bring this guy down. No more lies from the liberals. We are fed up

I just finished watching the Global TV speech, and all I saw was a person on his last legs grasping at straws by trying to convince those who are middle or upper class employed that they will be, will be, better off with the H.S.T in the future, that there will tax cuts next year, and that the Strong Start program will fix our elementary school system. Don`t forget about most of your friends who are legitimately griping about the loss of customers in their shops and restaurants, or about how the H.S.T. erodes their buying power now, or about the fact that 11 or more schools are set to close in East Vancouver. Read over what you see above you, and then decide if this guy is a bullshitter or not. Thanks David Beatty for stirring me up again.


    P.S. By the way, if you haven`t already noticed, his address seemed to be aimed at the privileged, the shrinking middle class and anyone with short term mainstream media memory loss, who surely comprise a minority in B.C.. Let`s face it, 70 % of B.C.ers probably still earn o less than $20,000 a year now. Are we gonna have to buy this soup again ?


    I guess so, with Christy Clark planning to call an election if the libs lose the H.S.T referendum: here's my reply on Stacey Robinsmyth's I'm a fan of

    hatsawrap is right. This is supposed to be a referendum, not a call for an election if Christy and the libs lose. As far as I’m concerned, though, it is really an assessment of her leadership skills to date, and Dix has her on that one, so it looks like the H.S.T. is doomed, due to her unethical manoeverings to get around a loss, like the wording, playing up Canada Post strike, and pledging $ to sundry middle class community groups while ignoring the poor on the D.T.E.S. : ie. 12 womens groups denied funding; though $200 million signed pledge by Coleman + feds for social housing, nothing has been done to date, no Pantages buyout for 100% social housing,not 20%; no C.C.A.P. agreement on partner or advisor within L.A.P. process, controlled by Harcourt and Wong’s B.C.S. and corporate city council,And the rest we all know: the $6 million legal fees for Basi+ Virk,memo on B.C. rail deal to Christy and relative; BC Ferries sell off, BCrail, privatization and dereg.; she didn’t finish her degrees at S.F.U. not the Sorbonne. All the way gone ! Crunchy ???? You and the libs are finally on your way out, because you can’t lose the H.S.T. battle, and then go on to win our hearts in an election filled with more empty promises ,except for the $30 billion shipbuilding contract which we’re sure to receive hands down, given our geography and relationship with China, and that will mean less dependence on the debt failing U.S.A/Obama/ Republican congress. I can go on, but we all know her fate. The B.C. public aren’t that stupid.

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    Thanx for the jpeg.

    Recipe for world peace

    Here`s the ethical dilemma for an ultra left wing social democrat Jew like myself:

    For me the real war began thousands of years ago,since Jews and Arabs were once brothers (literally). This is a family fight that has transformed throughout ...history,and has now transmogrified into the unreal scenario we feel now, being fought both in the virtual world as well as on the world stage. True science fiction: internet, drones, spies, nuclear weapons,etc.

    This article was very difficult for me to read, but I forced myself because it is time to take a good hard look at what kind of person I have become as a Jew in Canada. Today, yet another terrorist threat a few days before the American mid-term elections, once again confirms the validity and reliabilty of Naomi`s central shock therapy thesis: the shock doctors at at it again, so people, for instance, might stay home instead of going out, if they buy into the State`s (Obama`s)
    `global terrorist` threat warning. You`re damned if you do and damned if you don`t. No one would be able to hide if a North American jihad ever did become a reality, especially Jews no matter how they spin doctor themselves.

    Of course I accept the shock therapy premise,but because Naomi raised my consciousness, I now have the tools to understand better.I feel like I am tied to a very taut rope, with Netanyahoo pulling me one way, and the Palestinian people`s plight pulling the other, with Bin Laden at the helm.

    Everyday,especially because I live in Vancouver,a stronghold for Palestinian human rights and state recognition,I must deeply search my soul and my heart. Despite my genes. Unfortunately, in this Tower of Babel stage of global division,it appears that the State can define anyone as a threat for the silliest reason, simply out of a general paranoia that it created in the first place.However, only G-d knows what the outcome will be. Often I resent the fact that non-semites are involved in this struggle for Palestinian statehood, because in my heart, I believe, that their participation can obfuscate the facts, and perpetuate the blame game. I know you`re tryng to help though.

    For me, a sephardic Jew, as for Palestinians, being semitic (Arab or Jewish) by birth puts us both at an obvious advantage genetically,spiritually, and intellectually, from an intelligence (not I.Q. but re: security issues) standpoint, with regard to understanding our differences.

    However, pro Palestinian resistance forces in Vancouver,not knowing anything about me at all, will still automatically brand me as a Zionist, the enemy, and will not even recognize me as a possible ally as soon as I see them. It is hard to explain.There are probably many Jews here who support their struggle for statehood through participation in their conferences, concerts, and . In fact there`s a mosque a few blocks away, and I always make sure that I walk by it with respect.
    However, every time I watch the mainstream media portrayal and reports, horrible photos of Palestinian people killed by Israelis, IDF or whatever, I think: here we go again:the heartwrenching ethical struggle is back to haunt me.

    Helen Thomas and Libby Davies, both defining Gaza as an `illegal` occupation, are wrong because of the technical definiton of the term.
    There was nothing `ìllegal` about Israel becoming a nation, but of course the terrorism Menachem Begin employed to do it (blowing up the King David Hotel, killing British miltary officers) was. In fact, you might say we invented today`s terrorism first, not the Palestinians.

    My point is this: It is obviously time for the U.S.A. to pull out of Afghanistan, a.s.a.p.,especially, to negotiate with Hamas, and to then negotiate Palestinian statehood in Gaza. The alternative is jihad, more shock and awe, and living in a fake democracy, imperialist, still colonialist, dominated by N.W.O. lackeys. The joint U.S.A., Canadian terrorist list should exclude Hamas, because they are the key to solving this whole thing.

    Then Obama would have really earned his Nobel prize, and al Qaeda
    would have no ammunition at all, no more relevance.

    Furthermore, the world would suddenly become much safer.


    ...You're not kidding. ?  At first I thought the NDP stuff was a bad joke what with the Global News reference and all.  And then, (correct me if I'm wrong) you commented on your own blog piece?  Twice. ?

    The second totally off topic auto-retort is something... Context is important for most folks.  Perhaps you could help us understand your intent with that babble?  


    Who`s "us" ?

    "Us" would be any readers who

    "Us" would be any readers who are not you and yourself "commenting" on your own thoughts.   ?

    You do realize that this is part of a national media co-op?

    Ultimately your "g-d only knows" attitude really needs a bit of backing.   

    Attitude works both ways

    You already know whose side I`m on, or I wouldn`t have docked my butt here in the first place,

    considering the Orwellian nightmare gentrification and the Olympics has produced in Mount Pleasant

    and the D.T.E.S. for ultra-left wing social democrats like me.


    You know what ? Your arrogance pisses me right off, but I`ll try to make it simpler for everyone,yet

    again, considering that materiality does, substantively, produce ideology. You already know my

    credentials and my history, so let`s stop playing mind games about who backs who, ok ? That

    approach has been, historically, a failure for milleniums. That`s what got us in this global mess in the

    first place. Mcluhans thesis applies there, for everyone who knows praxis. I`m an educated ex-con

    who spent four years in the pen, not a mindless idiot.  War is for uncivilized fools who believe in

    revisionism and Wikipedia. It killed my Dad, and many of my people.


    Besides, I never asked to be born. And yes, my father was a C.P.P. member, dedicated to Marxist

    thought too. Capitalism has obviously had its day, so it`s time yet once again for the social democracy

    experiment to prove itselfsomewhere locally. Obviously, and we`re both educated to be confident

    about this, Semitic conflict is the holdout. There are very few Jews in Vancouver, and even fewer in

    Mount Pleasant. Everyone, including Palestinians, has the `right to exist`. Especially including me.

    I don have to justify my existence on this earth to you or anyone else who tried to subjugate me,

    especially if it`s the State.

    After 9 years as an English and Socials tutor making $30 an hour, , last year, I found myself suddenly

    unemployed. What caused it ? We are told one thing by mainstream media, another by the Internet,

    and yet another as I walk around Mount Pleasant simply observing and only occasionally interacting.

    Who can I trust ?


    My posts have been on the Internet for decades. My first allegiance is to the State of Israel, but I am

    also a Canadian originally born in Montreal.  I am an atheist of course, which does not necessarily

    mean there is no G-d. (Do you know why we don`t type the `o` ?) I have duel citizenship. However, I

    had made it clear from day 1 of the G8, G20 summits who I am and what I am about, but only to an

    esoteric few who went to S.F.U. with me, and other assorted friends in town.. I have lived here for 28

    years,many, many years before some of you arrived locally, or on the national scene.

    If you haven`t  connected the dots by now, I suggest you spend some more

    time googling everything you know about the shado, the N.D.P.,social control, political economic

    theory, the global  black block inspired movement so far (quite succesful with the F.L.Q.), and Naomi

    Klein in particular: as a metaphor, it`s all written on walls both virtually, and in Mount Unpleasanant (or

    is it Pleasantville ?) Mount Pleasant is, and always has been, at least since let`s say the sixties, a

    bastion of progressive left-wing thought, and I want that to continue, especially because s.2 of the

    Charter is supposed to apply to everyone, but it was more or less suspended during the Olympics

    (Vancouver agreement, charter), especially for the Coast Salish People and supporters of the

    decolonization movement.

    I hadn`t been around here for 9 years, since 2001,so I lost contact with what was really happening

    politically in Mount Pleasant. and when I returned, because of the Liberals and other previously

    mentioned factors having to do with the ascension of State control here, what I saw shocked me once

    again; not because I didn`t already know about B.C. politics, which was part of the Socials curriculum

    that I taught in Langley and which luckily included books like To kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, 1984,

    and Obasan, and even in some cases Siddartha. I didn`t think they would have such a tremendous

    influence on high school kids. A malaise of growing public confidence in the superstructure had

    evolved into a well organized massive show of force from them, but especially from local universities

    which I had been out of touch with (I left the criminlogy M.A. program at S.F.U. in 1989 because of

    ideological differences with certain professors, and especially with the pigs)

    Then what happens, although I knew there would be some trouble ?  An unbelievably brave show of

    force by the disenfranchised  (probably indigenous peoples and their supporters, but who knows who

    else ?) in Vancouver during the Olympics, and 3 months later the largest arrest of Quebecois and

    Ontario protesters in Candian history.  And who shows up to direct them, but none other than Naomi

    Klein herself.  I didn`t even know who she was ? A Jewish person from New York leading the way to

    support and legitimize what appeared to be a well orchestrated resistance to the N.W.O. ?  And they

    they listened to her every word. It seemed like a massive contradiction considering how unpopular,

    and aggressive Israel was globally.

    So I just followed her lead in Vancouver after studying and analyzing her central thesis. However,

    what I found in Mount Pleasant, after attending a meeting of`s,

    organizational efforts to educate the public about the evils of gentrification was not the same scenario

    at all.  There was an obvious power vacuum, except for David Beatty and Coast Salish peoples, and a

    few others I can`t even remember except for i guy from U.B.C. who was studying his Masters in

    psych: would be Wikipedia educated anarchists who were tryng to strategize how to best achieve,

    correct me if I am wrong, a populist degentrification agenda based on civil disobedience, intimidation

    Under Constructionof the Mount Pleasant community, and eventually, as was stated to me personally by someone I am 

    unable to identify, a `class war` aimed at the middle class. That was going too far, considering that

    the target should have been the State, and the middle class, especially the Jewish middle class in

    Vancouver, had been targeted by the U.S. housing bubble which largely benefitted China, B.D.S. of

    course, and were shit on by Bush when he left office.  The `labyrinthe` prevented discovery of what

    was going on, so I disassociated myself from defendgrandview.  Not only that.  To make things

    worse, here`s Libby Davies leading Palestinians, stirring us up ?  This after the appearance of social

    democracy in the U.S.A., who I thought was a social democrat. until I saw that he would prolong the 

    war by not recognizing Hamas.  Of course we all complained to the Candian Jewish Congress, and

    Harper warned her not to stir us up because Netanyahu told him to. Not to mention the 6 ships, i

    containing a Victoria man, that were prevented from entering Gaza. 

    Now, 9 days before November 11th, on the day of Obama`a mid-term debacle, amidst a crisis of

    confidence in Campbell and the Liberals, an obvoius N.W.O. piece of shit lackey Bilderburg or

    whatever corrupt dirtbag, still doesn`t want to leave. There are reasonable and probable grounds to

    believe that coruption, complicity and witholding evidence (B.C. Rail) are at the root of this anti H.S.T.

    driven N.D.P. Vanderzalm (?????) recall movement by the N.D.P., so I just gave it a bit of help

    gate-keeping for Carol James`facebook page, since I have been an extreme social democrat

    supporter, along with others in Vancouver, for 25 years. David Beatty wants to run for city council, and

    will easily be elected I hope, but we have ideological differences for obvious reasons due to the B.D.S.

    driven apartheid movement against Israel.  The N.D.P, though mainly a mainstream party, is the

    lesser of two evils.

    Gotta have faith, faith, faith!

    If you put your faith in the NDP, religion, the class system, celebrity, nationalism, formal education, credentials/history, then best of luck to you.  

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