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Protester arrested in Golden at torch relay

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2010 Olympics

Thursday, in Golden B.C, there were 6 of us protesting the olympics. Within ten minutes of being there, the cops were harrassing us and arrested one of us.

Here is some of the video that was aired on Global BC. Its about 3 or 4 minutes into the video. I will have private video to post soon.

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Protester arrested in Golden at torch relay

What were the chrages for such arrest ?

Canadian CHARTER of RIGHTS, page 1, state we CANDIANS have the right to express their opinion, has such been deleted for our CHARTER. are we becoming a DICTATORTSHIP  terratory ?

SO much for the "rights of the people"

Hi all
I'm tired of hearing "we have the right to protest where and how we want" - What about the rights of my 70 year old mother who was excited at having the opportunity to see her 10 year old grandchild sing on stage at the olympic torch event, but was unable to see or hear her because of the big protesters who stood in front of her and yelled too loud for her to hear.... Are the rights of the protesters more important than the rights of the grandma's and children who just wanted to enjoy the music and lights ?


what shitty news coverage. not surprising, though, that what you were there for and what your sign said, etc, wasn't even mentioned. i heard a piece on the cbc morning hourly news that day that said one of you was charged with obstruction of justice? is this true? so disgusting that these kinds of stories are entirely silenced.


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