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Movie Nights at Spartacus (684 east Hastings) every sunday 8h30pm November Schedule...

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Original Peoples, →Canadian Foreign Policy, →Environment, →2010 Olympics

November Schedule of suggested movies




SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1ST : “anti-olympics”

OpPOsition to Olympic Torch Relays, a few

Short inspiring films/footage captured

in the last decade (Sydney, Turin, Beijing...)



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8TH : “ecological destruction”

h2oil” and “tar sands and water, fort mckay, fort chip”

Impacts of the Tar Sands development in northern Alberta and the defenders of

the(ir) land who are standing up against it.


SUNDAY NOVEMBER 15TH : “native struggles”

Gustafsen Lake Standoff in 1995, A few short

films documenting The three month standoff

on secwepemc territory.



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22TH : “local struggles”




SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29TH : “women’s struggles”

Some American Feminists” Documenting one of the most significative Movements in the 1960’s & early 70’s, second wave feminism

Inspirational interviews with Ti-Grace Atkinson, Rita Mae Brown, Bettty Freiden, Margo Jefferson, Leila Carb and Kate Millet.



These nights are initiated so we can meet and share our struggles

for sure, bring movies, snacks, anythin’ if you want to

Write to us at vanrad@hotmail.comfor more info

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