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Original Peoples

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January 10th 2010

Rev. Mov. in Turkey

Sonbahar/Autumn is a story of a revolutionary prisoner (Yusuf) who had released from jail because of having a heavy lung illness, which leads him to death. The DHKP-C prisoner Yusuf returns back to his homeland to spend the rest of his short life, with the memories of his struggle and prison years.

January 17th 2010


Ground Noise & Static, a report on the protests against the Democrat and Republican National Conventions. Miami Model, against the prescribed template of paramilitary oppression, warfare, etc. activists converge in Miami...


January 24th 2010

Dictatorship in Congo

This documentary traces Mobuto as he begins his life in the military, establishes a friendship with the Belgian royal family, and, by and by, in Hitler-like fashion, installs himself as dictator of the Congo(Zaire). The film makes it clear that U.S. leaders like Bush became embarrassingly thick with Mobuto because they considered him a safeguard against communism. But what is even more disturbing is that we have no reason to believe that the Congo's current government is much better.

January 31th 2010

Women Struggle

“Some American Feminists” Documenting one of the most significative Movements in the 1960’s & early 70’s, second wave feminism

Inspirational interviews with Ti-Grace Atkinson, Rita Mae Brown, Betty Friedan, Margo Jefferson, Leila Carb and Kate Millet.



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