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Building Grassroots Resistance & Solidairty

Community dinner & more discussing the Carbon Corridor, Plan North and Solidarity Actions w Front Line Communities

- 9:30pm
Monday October 15 2012

Venue: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
Address: 1803 1 Ave E
Cost: free

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Introducing Rising Tide - Vancouver Coast Salish Territories
Building Grassroots Solidarity and Resistance
Community dinner discussing the Carbon Corridor, Plan North and Solidarity Actions

October 15th @ 5:30 pm

Grandview Calvary Baptist Church

1803 East 1st Ave.
(one block east of Commercial Drive)

Dinner will be provided. Child friendly event.

Join us on October 15th to hear updates from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation constitutional challenge against Shell Oil Canada's proposed expansions in the tar sands, the Keepers of the Water Gathering in Fort Nelson, the ongoing resistance at the Unis'tot'en Camp and learn about the relationship between these and other industrial projects.

Territories on the west coast, unceded by indigenous communities, are facing an onslaught of industrial extraction and infrastructure projects. While communities are resisting each development and NGOs have highlighted a few key struggles there is an urgent need to examine the links between these projects and resist them together. We must name and resist the Carbon Corridor, which includes multiple pipelines that support carbon intensive industries such as fracking and the tar sands, including but not limited to the Norther Gateway and Pacific Trails pipelines. More broadly we can see industry and governments are planning BC's Plan North, a network of port expansions, transmission lines, hydro dams, mining exploration and highway expansions that, with the pipelines, can be summed up as a modern day colonial land and resource grab.

Rising Tide - Vancouver Coast Salish Territories has come together as a collective to stand firmly in solidarity with indigenous communities and fight the capitalist and colonial expansion that are at the roots of the continuing land and resource grab. We aim to educate and agitate through building community and actions while working within the broader social struggle to overthrow systems of oppression and domination. Come learn more about the collective and join us in planning actions for the coming months and years.


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