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Victoria, Lekwungen territory

UPDATE: Group drops pro-Nazi speaker, counterprotest still on

Saturday October 20 2012

Venue: BC Legislature lawn
Cost: Free!
Accessibility: Yes

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UPDATE: "We Are Change Victoria" has apparently dropped neo-Nazi defender Doug Christie from its speakers list after five other speakers canceled rather than share a stage with him. The counterprotest is still on.

Original speakers list:
Paul Grignon – Creator of Money As Debt movie series - canceled
Robert Menard – Famous Free Man on the Land
Will Thomas – EMR Expert and Smart Meter Champion - canceled
Walter McGinnis – Stop Smart Meters BC - canceled
Doug Christie – Notable Free Speech Attorney - dropped from list
Raymond Geisler – Host of ‘Unbought and Unbossed Radio’
Kaptain Kanada – Libertarian Crusader
Jamie Scott – Leader of the Canadian Truth Party
Kevin Proteau – Founder of Locals Supporting Locals - canceled
David Arthur Johnson – Right to Sleep Activist - canceled


Spread the word! THIS SATURDAY IN VICTORIA: Famed neo-Nazi defender Doug Christie and other white male "libertarians" are speaking at a rally at the BC Legislature, under a fake "occupy" banner. See

Members of "We Are Change Victoria" (the organizers who invited Christie) are the same assholes who tried to co-opt the People's Assembly of Victoria. They disrupted events, harassed and stalked women, and worse. Several chapters of WAC are on the Southern Poverty Law Center's HateWatch list for their views.

We predict no more than 75 people rallying for Christie, and we'd like to see ten times that number in the counterprotest. Please pass it on!

The list of speakers orginally included Paul Grignon, Will Thomas, Walter McGinnis, Raymond Geisler, Jamie Scott, Kevin Proteau, Robert Menard, and David Arthur Johnson.

Paul Grignon and Will Thomas have withdrawn. Paul has sent this letter to the organizers.

Respected Organizers,
After some research, consideration and soul-searching, I have to say that I do NOT want to be on a podium with Doug Christie.
My Polish Jewish wife's family disappeared in the Holocaust.  Her aunt survived Aucshwitz  (13-17 years old, at the time).
World Zionism has many players and is not Jewish, but ZIONIST.   Many Zionists are not Jewish.  Some Jews oppose Zionism.
Most are duped by it.  Some should take the blame for supporting it.  
BUT making it a RACIST issue is morally deplorable and also incredibly stupid as this is precisely what the Zionists want!
Jewish people take criticism of their gangsters as criticism of them, because of the racism directed at them for centuries. 
This gives their gangsters the cover of charges of "anti-semitism" with which to persecute their critics and hide their crimes.
Do we blame all Italians for the Italian Mafia?  Do all Italians accept the blame for their Mafia?  No. We recognize that the criminal element is not the RACE. 
In fact the race is a victim of their criminals as much as anyone.
In fact it is BANKERS who have already taken control of the world through our ignorance of money, a subject I was looking forward to shedding some light upon.
That many of these bankers are Jewish Zionist Globalist Gangsters does not reflect on any of my poor, powerless, talented, humorous, loving and intelligent Jewish friends.
I have no dispute with Doug Christie's rights to free speech.  
I also have a right to refuse to be associated with him in any way due to his association with racist hatred.
Your choice.












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