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Vancouver Coast Salish Territory

Nov 10th – Public Action Against the Tar Sands

- 6:30pm
Saturday November 10 2012

Venue: China Creek Skate Park
Address: Broadway and Clark

Saturday November 10th, 2pm

China Creek Skate Park (Broadway and Clark)

As the pressure increases against the Enbridge Pipeline and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion we cannot help but notice where these problems all begin. The Tar Sands are largest industrial project in human history and plans are being made to ship the oil resources to international markets, in addition Natural Gas and other resources are intended to move in the same direction. These capitalist industries are planning to scrape the earth for all the wealth they can get while urban neighborhoods and indigenous communities are intended either to move aside or stay and deal with the destruction.

They tell us we need their jobs to provide for our families, when it’s these very jobs that are destroying us and the land!

From the Tar Sands to the Enbridge Pipeline, from the Pacific Trail Pipeline to the Kinder Morgan, for an end to all industrial expansion!


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Not just "Asian Markets"

 tar sands are not just being moved to "asian markets" but to the international market including a huge number of refineries on the west coast of the states.  The international market is likely a better frame that doesn't play into the growing "anti-chinese" or "anti-asian" framework that some NGOs are playing into as a sort of nationalist / race based stand off.  Just wanted to flag that with folks, hoping the language and framework could be adjusted a bit.


woops sorry, wasn't thinking. I think I was repeating the language from pro-pacific gateway video I had just been watching!

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