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Take Back the Party

It's time to take back the BC NDP and steer it in the right direction!

Tuesday July 7 2009

Venue: YWCA Hotel
Address: 733 Beatty St.
Cost: Free

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Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss the Future of the BC NDP

The BC NDP offered little to go out and vote for in the last election. As a result, voters stayed home and Gordon Campbell and the Liberals took power. Again.

Where was the voice of BC's working and marginalized people? Where was the party that represented our interests? As we begin another four years of cuts and service reductions, it's time for our voice to be heard.

Calling all concerned individuals and organizations to come together in an open forum to discuss the future of political representation for working and marginalized people in British Columbia.

Tuesday, July 7
YWCA Hotel (733 Beatty St.)

Panelists include:

* Tim Louis (local activist, former COPE councilor)
* Mike Palacek (Recording Secretary, CUPW Local 846 (Vancouver), Fightback editorial board member)

Your voice matters! Let's build a party that represents us!

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Can the BC NDP be saved

Starting with the CCF being purged of left thinking working class activists the NDP was born. Every few years the Party reigns in those who work to raise the living standards of for the less fortunate in our society, who the Party presumably represents, and places them on the back burner. Who does the present BC NDP represent? I think the party elite is waiting for the economy to turn around and it's back to business as usual. I don't think the BC NDP is worth saving. Not for those that need a political party that truly represent the mass of working poor and less fortunate in our society. The BC NDP will not make it's priority the necessary halt on rampant consumerism.


List your names. What are you afraid of?

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