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Does "Social Mix" Help Low Income People?

Friday April 5 2013

Venue: Carnegie Theatre
Address: 401 Main St.
Cost: free

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It’s Vancouver city council’s policy to have “social mix” in the Downtown Eastside.  This means more condos, higher rents in hotel rooms, upscale stores that low income people can’t afford. Does this policy actually help low income people?

Come to a public meeting to hear what an academic expert on “Social Mix” thinks.  Hear what real experts who live social mix think.


- Professor Loretta Lees, Cities Research Group, Geography Dept, King's College in London

- Karen Ward, socially mixed Downtown Eastside resident and artist

- Herb Varley, Nuu’chah’nulth & Nisga’a Downtown Eastside resident and activist

- Ivan Drury, Carnegie Action Project Researcher

More about Loretta Lees

Loretta Lees is Professor of Human Geography in the Cities Research Group, Department of Geography, King’s College London, UK. She is an urban geographer who works on urban regeneration/gentrification, urban policy, urban public space, architecture and urban social theory. She has published 7 books to date and is currently contracted for 3 more, including a number focused on gentrification.

Lees was awarded the 2012 Antipode Activist Scholar Award and is currently working with the London Tenants Federation, Just Space and the Southwark Notes Archive Group (SNAG) on: ‘Challenging ”the New Urban Renewal”: gathering the tools necessary to halt the social cleansing of council estates and developing community-led alternatives for sustaining existing communities’. The outcome of this will be ‘An Anti-gentrification Toolkit’.

Organized by Carnegie Community Action Project |

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