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Unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver)

Basic Bike Maintenance Workshop: Unis'tot'en Fundraiser

Learn about bikes and fund a resistance blockade

- 10:00pm
Sunday March 31 2013

Venue: Our Community Bikes
Address: 3283 Main Street
Cost: Sliding scale donation, $1-$100
Accessibility: Front door: width - 3'6", height 7'1" Passage to back room: width - 2'1", height - 6'7" Door to hallway: width - 2'6", height - 6'8" Backdoor: width - 2'7", height - 6'8" Bathrooms 1&2 doors: width - 2'4", height - 6'6" Our building is on the ground floor and there are no stairs to the main entrance or backdoor. The tightest spot is getting from the main space to the bathrooms which is only just over 2 feet wide, so we would suggest that folks go around the side of the building to access the facilities. We have 2 gender neutral bathrooms, one of which is fairly small and doesn't have a lot of room to maneuver. The other one is quite spacious and has a lot of room to move around in as well as a separate urinal & toilet. Unfortunately neither bathroom is equipped with handrails.

Fundraiser for the Unis'tot'en Resistance Community, taking place on unceded Coast Salish Territory:

Hosted by the Pedal Collective- learn the basics of keeping your bike up to snuff as the spring encroaches!  Bring your own bike or practice on one of the ones in the shop!

This workshop can host a maximum 20 people so first come first serve!! Reserve a spot by emailing


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