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posted by APC Vancouver in on Jul 22, 2009 - View profile

Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory

Police Brutality Is Not A Game!

Rally Against Police Violence and the World Police and Fire Games

Friday July 31 2009

Venue: Victory Square, Cambie & Hastings

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On July 31st 2009 Vancouver will be hosting the World Police and Fire
Games. The games are an international sporting event where police officers,
firefighters, customs and correction officers compete against each other
in over 65 sporting events. More than 12,000 police officers, corrections
officers and firefighters will be in Vancouver for the 10 day event.

The Anti-Poverty Committee is calling for a mobilization against police
brutality both locally and internationally, and the violence that the
state perpetrates around the world everyday through police and
'correctional' facilities. The APC calls on all those individuals and
groups who are against police brutality and the everyday terror and
violence caused by the various police forces to participate in actions and
events during the police and fire games.

The APC will stand to honor those in our community who have been killed,
brutalized, and daily harrased by the police and to condemn not only the
individual police forces, but the structure that allows them to get away
with oppression, intimidation and violence everyday in our communities.

We believe that the police cannot be made accountable, and they will never
truly protect those that they purport to, and that police will never make
our communities safer, as they continue to harass, target and brutalize
poor people, indigenous people, youth, sex trade workers and many others.

The APC is calling for a demonstration during the opening ceremonies of
the games on July 31st at 7pm (location TBA). To get involved in the
organizing of the demonstration please contact APC ( If
your organization would like to endorse the event please email the APC. We
also encourage other groups to organize around these events and denounce
the police and fire games.

Organizer:The Anti-Poverty Committee (

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see my video on you-tube-talks about police corruption

see my video on you-tube-keywords to access it are "vancouver coastal health"-talks about how police side with coastal health authorities to hurt/discredit poor people w
disabilities-and, despite my problem, I am not a stupid woman!!!It was posted in november 2008-please leave me comments on the blog-site address given if you watch it-I would appreciate all the support i can garner for my case/cause. I am planning to go ahead with a civil suit against the bastards for all the agro they have put me through- I will be making a sequel to this video,stay tuned for more to come-will keep you posted (july 31, 2009)

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