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Occupied Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver)

5 Years Since The Greek Insurrection

- 9:00pm
Friday December 6 2013

Venue: There Will Be Blood Alley
Address: 38 Blood Alley Square
Cost: free
Accessibility: The venue is situated on the south side of Blood Alley Square. There are several cobblestones, but there is ramp access and it’s an open space once inside. There are fewer cobblestones to navigate coming from Abbott vs Carrall. The washroom is not fully WC accessible, we are hoping to have it renovated to be more WC-friendly in the coming months.

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On the heels of the 2008 economic collapse, the killing of a fifteen year old kid by police in the anarchist stronghold of Exharchia in Athens, sparked an uprising that has inspired a generation of rebels throughout the world.

Join us for a night of short films and information to celebrate the insurrection of 2008 and to think of where things have gone since then.

Alexis Grigoropoulos RIP!

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