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Occupied Coast Salish Territories (vancouver)

Eating "Disorder", Disordered Eating... Naming our Struggles, Tackling The Ugly (Part I)

a facilitated discussion by and for people navigating issues of eating disorder in their own lives

Sunday December 15 2013

Venue: There Will Be Blood Alley
Address: 38 Blood Alley Square
Cost: free / by donation
Accessibility: Located at 38 Blood Alley Square, between Carrall and Abbott St on the ground floor. The cobbelstones surrounding the space might pose issues for those using wheelchair, however this can be mitigated if you approach from Abbott St. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible but this will change within the next few months.

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What are our lived experiences of eating “disorders” and disordered eating? What have we gained from such struggles? How can it begin to not be so ‘personal’ or pathologizing and limited to “self-care” recovery, while acknowledging where we’re at and figuring out our needs? (The event is for folks that have or that are currently navigating such issues)

Come share experiences, listen, learn, connect the dots with others and open the space for more to be explored.

Depending on the outcomes of the event and desires, event/dicussion/group of similar nature might take form in the future.

On december 29th there will be a part II facilated discussion/workshop to this event focussing on the many structures of power and authority attemping to govern our lives, and the living in general.

Sunday, 29th - 2pm - Our Bodies As Land, Our Blood As River: Tackling Alienation, Sharing Tools To Break Through (Eating Disorder Part II) - How does living in a colonial, capitalist, patriarchal world shape our relationships to our own mind, body and spirit? Where do we locate ourselves in relation to the world we live in, where do we stand, what are the choices we make? How can this location enliven and strengthen us in reclaiming of all aspects of our lives?

" As a pillar of civilization, the effects of patriarchy will not be dismantled or eradicated from our communities anytime soon. (...) , we are facing a massive challenge in identifying, much less unlearning, the ways patriarchy has alienated us from nature, each other, and our own internal wildness. "


Hope to see you there!

This event, held at the new archarchist social space, There Will Be Blood Alley, is having its first opening month going, you can look on the website for the December Schedule (  )or on the VMC.

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