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Unceded Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver

Spartacus Film Nights

The Angola 3

- 9:00pm
Sunday January 4 2015

Venue: Spartacus Books
Address: 3378 Findlay Street
Cost: by donation
Accessibility: In the process of renovations for this purpose. There is a small lip in the door frame, aisles are wide and accessible, bathroom accessible.

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Sunday, January 4th at 7PM: The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation


Tells the gripping story of Robert King, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox, men who have endured solitary confinement longer than any known living prisoner in the United States. Politicized through contact with the Black Panther Party while inside Louisiana’s prisons, they formed one of the only prison Panther chapters in history and worked to organize other prisoners into a movement for the right to live like human beings. This feature length movie explores their extraordinary struggle for justice while incarcerated in Angola, a former slave plantation where institutionalized rape and murder made it known as one of the most brutal and racist prisons in the United States. The analysis of the Angola 3’s political work, and the criminal cases used to isolate and silence them, occurs within the context of the widespread COINTELPRO being carried out in the 1960’s and 70’s by the FBI and state law enforcement against militant voices for change.

Narrated by Mumia Abu-Jamal and featuring interviews with former Panthers, political prisoners and revolutionaries, including the Angola 3 themselves, Bo Brown, Geronimo (ji Jaga) Pratt, Malik Rahim, Yuri Kochiyama, David Hilliard, Rod Coronado, Noelle Hanrahan, Kiilu Nyasha, Marion Brown, Luis Talamantez, Gail Shaw and many others.

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