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We ate the G8: People's Summit

Workshops and tutorials

Saturday May 15 2010

Venue: Harbour Centre (Rooms TBA)
Address: 555 West Hastings St.
Cost: Free

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Free workshops to build resistance!


Saturday May 15th

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

SFU Harbour Centre

515 West Hastings Street


[ full schedule is below ]

Followed by Action to support False Promises on False Creek

Rally for affordable housing


Science World (By Main St skytrain station)



10:30 - 12:00 [ 3 workshops ]

>> Occupation, Globalization and Displacement: workshop on the G8/G20

(ROOM: 2290)

>> Emancipatory Education Workshop (ROOM: 2280)

>> Does Capitalism make you Sick? Health Inequalities & the Drive to

Privatize (ROOM: 1510)

12:15 - 1:45 [ 3 workshops ]

>> Workshop on localizing resistance to trade agreements (ROOM: 1510)

>> Street Tactics Workshop (ROOM: 2290)

>> Uprooting Journalism: Workshop with Vancouver Media Co-op (ROOM: 2280)



Occupation, Globalization, and Displacement

[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 2290 ]

A workshop that will explore the specific processes of the G8 and direct

complicity in empire-building, militarization, corporate globalization,

mass displacement and creation of poverty, destruction of the land, and

restrictive border policing. This workshop will also discuss ways to

resist the G8 and similar institutions from an anti-capitalist,

anti-colonial, and anti-oppression framework. Workshop will be facilitated

by No One Is Illegal Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

Emancipatory Education

[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 2280 ]

Everyone has some experience with education. Did your experience liberate

you? Come prepared to share in this participatory workshop where we

explore the possibilities for education as a vehicle for social

transformation. We will have some conversations about emancipatory vs.

totalitarian schooling, education and the global market economy, and

community grassroots initiatives for education. Hopeful you will walk away

with a head brimming with ideas and some connections to help make

educational change an inevitability in your community.

Does Capitalism make you Sick? Health Inequalities and the Drive to Privatize

[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 1510 ]

Join organizers from the Alliance for People’s Health in a popular

education session on understanding the economic roots of our ill-health.

Share your experiences with health care and the social determinants of

health. Educate yourself about the trends towards privatization in health

and social services including the recent BC government attacks on welfare

and disability. Envision and learn about grassroots approaches to educate,

organize and mobilize our communities into action.

Localizing Resistance to Trade Agreements

[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 1510 ]

An interactive workshop on developing new strategies to challenge

neo-liberal trade agreements. New strategies are aimed to empower local

community based organizing against trade agreements, something that is

often difficult for campaigns that focus on the decisions of national or

provincial governments. The current economic crisis and increasing public

awareness of environmental and climate concerns provides an opportunity to

re-examine campaigns against trade agreements.

Street Tactics Workshop

[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 2290 ]

An overview of the different strategies used by demonstration to prevent

harm on their side and improve chances to achieve their goals. A rough

overview of maneuvers used by anti-globalization protests on the east

coast to protect themselves and

overcome police forces.

Uprooting Journalism

[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 2280 ]

The Vancouver Media Co-op invites you to a discussion about bringing

journalism back to the grassroots. Questions to be explored include what

kind of skills do people want and need in order to work as rebel

reporters? How can the VMC nourish our movements and foster horizontal

communication? What tools, techniques and tips do media makers and

activists have to get our issues into the media? VMC collective members

will also introduce our programs this summer, including hands-on video and

radio opportunities, stories to cover (including the G20 in Toronto), and

upcoming investigative journalism workshops.


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