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The University at Its Limits: Cutbacks and Fightbacks in the Neoliberal University

Thursday June 10 2010

Venue: Rhizome

From the occupations and strikes in California, Greece, Puerto Rico, and New York, the 2008
strike at York, the student strikes and free schools in Austria, to the protests against the G8 University Summit here in Vancouver, universities are again becoming sites of resistance to global capital.

We’ve brought together activists from some of these movements to talk about their local situations, and the broader struggle against the corporate university. In BC, we are currently in bargaining facing an anti-labour administration and government. Taking our inspiration from these diverse struggles,
this panel looks to connect our own work to the broader social movement occurring world wide.


Alex Mah and Guillaume Beaulieu // Vancouver Community Mobilization

Adam Hefty,Trevor Joy Sangret,Chris Chen // University of California

Tyler Shipley, Punam Khosla // CUPE 3903 at York University

Adrienne Smith // CUPE 2278 at UBC

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