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East Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory

Gentrification Cancelled!

Emergency Callout in Defense of Grandview Park

Saturday August 14 2010

Venue: Grandview Park (Commercial & Charles)

Emergency Callout in Defense of Grandview Park!!

Saturday August 14th, 2010

What's Happening?

- Barbeque, Community Feast, Potluck @2:00pm Grandview Park

Please don't shy away, no one turned away for lack of contribution!

- Mass Assembly @3:30pm Grandview Park

In continuation of past General assemblies, please come and take part!

- Live Music @7:00pm Grandview Park


Here's the lowdown:

Grandview Park on Commercial Drive has just recently had a construction fence built around it. The Tennis Courts have also been torn up. Defend Grandview had already planned for barbeque to happen in Grandview this Saturday but now we find ourselves in a much more urgent situation and we feel the need to step up the momentum.

Commercial Drive is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. At Charles and Commercial lies Grandview Park. Over the last few years, there has been a controversial plan to redevelop the park which was initiated by "The Friends of Grandview". The "friends" of Grandview are a group of property owners living near the park who would like to live in a different neighborhood but refuse to move away. The plan is to strangle the life from Grandview park by eliminating loitering in the park, and the use of the park by "non-families". The new plan includes the removal of bushes and trees to discourage homeless people and youth from using the park as the trees and bushes provide shelter from various predators such as police and security.

In response a number of people have come together through general assemblies, and have tried to build momentum to oppose the redevelopment. After streamlining the process, for the use of developers, the park has now been closed, and as should be expected, no body but the middle class professionals are being listened to!

We urge everyone to come out and show solidarity, with the youth, the poor, and various others who use the park and wish to oppose the redevelopment!

And don't forget to have good time!

We hope with these events and others like these, we can build alternatives to this world where stolen native land can be continuously redeveloped and retaken for the interests of those who make a profit (whether culturally or economically)!!!!

We say,Defend Grandview!!!!

Gentrification Cancelled!!!

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woah.......did my comment

woah.......did my comment offend you? cause I don't see it here.  That's so wrong dude.  That goes against everything you should believe in!!  I'm expressing what I feel!  And so what if I'm not selling crack in the park or camping out under a tree, I have every right to be HEARD! Mofo.   GO CHE!

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